“I was washing at a 5-star hotel in Seoul, but a male employee broke through the door”… Hotel side “Prevention of recurrence”

A woman who stayed alone at a five-star hotel in Seoul was bathing when a male employee opened the door and made eye contact.

On the 1st, on a famous online community site토토사이트, a post titled ‘A woman was washing alone at a hotel and a male employee broke through the door’ was posted.

The author of this article stayed at a 5-star hotel in Seoul from the 29th to the 30th of last month. It is explained that the writer came out with a lodging voucher from her father’s company and stayed with her for a small additional fee.

In the midst of this, around 8:50 am on the 30th of last month, the author requested capsule coffee and tea and heard the person in charge say, “It will take about 15 minutes.” However, she said that the coffee didn’t come for more than 15 minutes, and she ordered ice earlier but didn’t bring it, so she thought the coffee order might have been missed again.

However, as soon as the departure time approached, the author immediately started taking a bath. The author added, “I put my gown by the door to receive coffee when I was washing up, but I didn’t even dream that I would enter the room in the first place.”

Afterwards, the author heard someone pretending to be while she was taking a bath, so she looked up and met eyes with a male employee who opened the door in the mirror and came in. According to the author’s claim, it was a structure where the inside of the bathroom could be seen through a mirror attached to the front door, and he saw a male employee leave shouting “I’ll be back” and “I’ll leave.”

However, when he pointed out that the bathroom was reflected in the mirror next to the front door, the manager in charge explained, “I am a weekend part-time employee, but I rang several times and there was no response, so I thought there were no customers.”

Afterwards, the writer protested, “Refunds are natural, and compensation for mental damage is required. If this happens, how will a woman stay at a hotel alone in the future?”

In addition, the writer who went down to the lobby for check-out contacted the manager to process a refund, but he did not answer the phone and tried to call again around 3:00 p.m. The manager said, “I will contact you on Monday because the refund staff and the insurance company are not at work, so we will contact you on Monday,” but there was no contact until the morning of the 31st of last month.

The writer was asked by detectives, “Why didn’t you put up a Do not disturb sign?” and “Didn’t you ask not to enter the hotel?” In response, the writer was frustrated, saying, “If you didn’t hear the bell, do you think you’d go back and call or leave, do you think you’d open the door and come in?”

Lastly, the author of this article burst into anger, saying, “I can’t understand the manual saying that an employee just picks up a guest room after ringing the bell at a hotel like this. I think how a woman, especially a woman, can safely go to a hotel by herself.” .

“This part is obviously the hotel’s negligence in the customer service process. Refund measures have been completed and we are working to resolve the problem amicably with customers regarding additional compensation,” he said. will do,” he said.

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