The two faces of ‘Asian Schindler’? Investigation into sexual assault of minors launched

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Today’s (2nd) 9 o’clock news starts with KBS ‘ exclusive coverage토토사이트.

There is a pastor who has been helping people who want to get out of North Korea and start anew for a long time.

Overseas media outlets, including CNN , described him as the ‘Asian Schindler’.

But another face of this pastor is revealed.

He testified that he molested teenage North Korean defectors several times at an alternative boarding school he ran.

Exclusive reporting, first, this is Reporter Lee Ho-joon.


An alternative boarding school for North Korean youth defectors.

It was established by Pastor A in 2009.

Pastor A is an internationally renowned figure who has supported the defection of more than 1,000 North Koreans for over 20 years.

[Pastor A/2019/Voice Modified: “I have to go to school, but it’s not even elementary school level, so let’s start school for those students.”]

Ms. B, who had been living here for several years, dropped out this year.

Late last year, he suffered a horrific incident in his dorm room.

He was taking a nap and someone groped his chest and woke up, he said it was Pastor A.

[Miss B/Voice Modified: “Come up during lunch, sit on the bed, put your hand inside the (bed) curtain, touch your chest and belly, talk to the friend in front of you. I’m so embarrassed that I can’t move my body. It was.”]

He put his hand inside his clothes even though he had a friend right in front of him.

Ms. B said that this kind of contact was frequent, and that some of her friends had the same experience.

[Ms. B / Voice Modification: “Her sister kept touching her stomach, and then the kids put their hands in their underwear and touched their breasts.”] Miss B did not tell her mother about the damage until two months after dropping out of school

. .

[Soundbite] [Soundbite] Ms. B/Voice Modified : “It’s time to go to school after the vacation, so I tried to take her, but the child refused, crying. She didn’t sleep or eat at night, and didn’t do anything else. She didn’t go outside…”]

Apology , but Pastor A denied that it was a misunderstanding.

[Pastor A/Voice Modified: “I think you guys probably went to wake me up for something else that day. You can think that because you went to touch it on purpose…”] [Miss B/Voice Modified: “Then why did you put your hand on your chest

? “]

[Pastor A/Voice Modified: “I don’t remember doing that to you. Do you repay the favor that way?”] After

receiving the complaint, the police launched an investigation.

Prior to an event in the United States, Pastor A was banned from leaving the country, and the school was seized and searched last week to secure CCTV data.

Police have identified eight victims so far.

All of them were minors at the time of the incident.

This is Lee Ho-jun from KBS News.


Pastor A’s inappropriate contact has continued for at least five years, and the police have found that there are at least eight victims.

But why did the investigation take place only now?

As North Korean defectors, the victims were reluctant to step forward because everything was unfamiliar to them.

Pastor A also interrupted the victims while talking about financial support or studying abroad.

Exclusive report, followed by Choi Min-young.


The victim, Miss C, who filed the complaint with Miss B.

It was said that Pastor A’s strange contact started five years ago.

[Soundbite C/Voice Modified: “They said they would give you a massage, but they came up like this from the ankle to the calf, but if I stayed still, I thought you’d touch the woman’s lower part… My hand came in like this, but I pressed it with my arm.”] Confess to a teacher about the

damage I let go, but the teacher who tried to help said that he had to quit school.

After that, she couldn’t ask for help from anyone, let alone her family.

[Soundbite C/Voice Modified: “My mother also had a very difficult life. In North Korea, China, and South Korea, I’m afraid my mother would be too stressed and difficult because of me.”]

Legal action was unthinkable.

[Miss C/Voice Modified: “I don’t have the money to sue and get a lawyer. Even if I file a complaint, I’m afraid I’ll become a strange person and be buried like North Korean defectors in 2010.”

] He was someone I knew well.

[Pastor A/Voice Modified: “You said you would send me to study in the U.S., but if you think about that, I hope you don’t think that I intentionally harmed you. Until now, I’ve given you everything you want to eat and wear.”] Desperate victims

supported A volunteer who came out of the activity started to speak out one by one after witnessing the sexual harassment scene.

[Volunteer: “When I brought up the story slightly, it was just children who had the experience of disappearing even the teacher, so I thought I should inform the lawyer about this.”]

On the day the victims met with the reporters, the school suddenly announced that it was on vacation and closed.

KBS asked Pastor A if he acknowledged the contents of the complaint, and Pastor A denied that it was true.

At the same time, the criminal procedure is in progress and the people involved are children, so they have revealed their position that they are careful.

This is Choi Min-young from KBS News.


Tomorrow (3rd) we will continue to testify about what else happened at this school run by Pastor A and how this was possible.

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