“Mothers who came to see their grandchildren are prohibited from using the sauna” Why did Gangnam Apartment block community use? 

Gaepo Xi Residence, a large apartment complex in Gangnam, which has been 5 months old, is accepting registration as a community facility member again. This is because as attention was focused on the news of the opening of a new apartment community, residents’ dissatisfaction increased due to frequent unauthorized use by outsiders. Previously, it was possible to register as a member with a family relation certificate, so it was possible to use the facilities of direct ascendants and descendants of residents who do not live in the apartment, such as parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren.

According to the real estate industry on the 3rd, Gaepo Xi Residence (3375 households) in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul will accept community member re-registration for all households from this day to the 13th. Only the head of the household and members of the household who have been reported moving in to Gaepo Xi Residence on the resident registration certificate issued after the 1st of last month can register.

This measure was based on the results of the residents’ vote from the 25th to the 27th of last month. When asked about community facility membership qualifications, it is known that ‘residents registered on the resident registration certificate’ received the highest vote rate.

Among Gaepo Xi Residence community facilities, in principle토토사이트, outsiders who do not live in the apartment cannot use the sauna, indoor swimming pool, fitness center, golf facilities, etc., except for the lunch and dinner restaurant in the complex, which can be used by outsiders when accompanied by residents.

In the meantime, Gaepo Xi Residence has also accepted family relationship certificates as a registration standard in consideration of cases such as weekend couples due to an appointment within the workplace, and family members of the head of household who are not registered but are residing. However, as the range of subjects that can be registered widened, the rate of unauthorized use by outsiders who did not actually reside increased, and voices that the standard should be reduced to ‘certified copy of resident registration’ grew louder among residents.

A resident of Gaepo Xi Residence said, “It is for the residents to make community facilities at the cost of maintenance and expenses, but who would like to have outsiders just use the facilities?” ”he said.

In fact, the use of the Gaepo Xi Residence indoor swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, etc. is not paid separately by the households using it, but all households are charged a joint fee each month. Outsiders can use it for free without spending money as long as they are registered in the community.

Resident B said, “I heard that in other complexes, there are cases where immediate family members are temporarily moved in for community registration even if the standard is set by a copy of resident registration.”

As a result, it is said that among the residents of Gaepo Xi Residence, who have been re-registered as members based on the resident registration copy, it is said that not only community facilities but also the parking lot of the complex should change the registration standard to the resident registration copy. In addition, as the damage to the residents increases due to outsiders entering, there is a constant talk of installing a fence. Nearby complexes such as The H Honor Hills, Gaepo Raemian Forest, and Gaepo Raemian Brestige have already had fences installed to prevent access by outsiders. However, these complexes received permission as open apartments at the time of the establishment of the maintenance plan, so it is illegal to install fences.

In the midst of this, as community facilities have recently become more sophisticated, centered on newly built apartments, and the interest of outsiders, not residents, has increased, the number of complexes that limit the membership registration standard to a copy of resident registration is on the rise.

Mr. C, a resident of an apartment in Gwacheon, said, “If the address on the resident registration card is not used as a standard, children and immediate family members who are not married and do not live together can register, so the range of use per household is too wide.” It is based on the certified copy,” he said.

Mr. D, a resident of an apartment in Gyeonggi-do, also said, “All households have to pay a lump sum regardless of whether they use the community or not, but isn’t it basic that it is based on the certified copy?” ” he said.

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