“What a flood in the heatwave” Incheon without a drop of rain ‘road flooding’

Untimely flooding occurred in Incheon, where not a single토토사이트 drop of rain fell amid a murderous heatwave across the country.

According to the Incheon Fire Department, at 6:06 am on the 3rd, a report was received on 119 that the road near the station wireless pier in Hang-dong 7-ga, Jung-gu, Incheon was submerged in water. After receiving the report, the fire authorities dispatched 8 people including firefighters and 2 pieces of equipment to complete the drainage work at 6:51 am, 45 minutes later.

The fire authorities determined that the seawater flowed backwards from the sewer as it overlapped with the current contrasting period and the dawn high tide, when the sea level was at its highest.

The contrasting period is the time when the difference between the tides is greatest around the 15th lunar day and the last day of the lunar year. During this period, the difference between the high tide and the low tide is greater than usual, so the water flows faster, and the sea level rises significantly, which can cause flood damage due to seawater flooding.

In the aftermath of this, the entrance to the fish market joint market in Soraepo-gu, Namdong-gu, on the seashore was partially submerged in seawater that day. However, fortunately, it was confirmed that there was no loss of life or property damage such as flooding of vehicles.

Previously, the Incheon Coast Guard has issued a safety accident risk forecast system ‘warning’ from the previous day to the coming 6th in preparation for the contrast period.

The National Oceanographic Research Institute of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries said, “The height of seawater will be the highest this year during the contrast period between this month and next month,” and urged people to prepare for flood damage. In this contrasting period, Incheon is expected to see sea levels rise up to 975 cm.

An official from the Incheon Coast Guard said, “The west coast is more dangerous because the difference between the tide and the tide is large and the speed of water entering is fast.”

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