Seohyeon Station’s weapon riot criminal is Choi Won-jong, born in 2001… The day before the crime, he also carried a weapon.

Today (4th), the newsroom will be held at the site of Seohyeon Station in Bundang, where the weapon riot took place yesterday. Thirteen days after the Sillim Station incident, another indiscriminate crime occurred here, in which 14 citizens were seriously injured. There are still many people who come and go here, but citizens are inevitably more anxious because a terrible crime took place in the blink of an eye in the blink of an eye at the place they used to come and go during work hours. In addition to this, articles foreshadowing copycat crimes were posted one after another, and in fact, a man carrying a weapon was caught by the police at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal. Today’s newsroom will pay attention to these events that have suddenly plunged our society into anxiety and fear here at the scene.

First, we will tell you the identity of the suspect who committed this incident. His name is Wonjong Choi, he is 22 years old, born in 2001. Although the police have not yet decided whether to disclose the personal information, our newsroom has decided to disclose it in consideration of the people’s right to know and the effect of preventing crime. So, first, let me tell you the breaking news of the investigation. As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that Choi Won-jong had visited Seohyeon Station with a weapon the day before the crime.

From this news, I am reporter Lee Seung-hwan.


Following the first investigation right after the arrest yesterday토토사이트, the police are continuing the second investigation from today until now.

Choi Won-jong stated, “There is a stalking group, and I tried to inform them by killing them.”

It is a claim that delusion led to the crime.

However, the police are investigating with several possibilities open.

It was also confirmed that he bought a weapon the day before the incident and went to the crime scene.

To determine the motive, two mobile phones and a computer are confiscated and search history and postings are being reviewed.

So far, it has been confirmed that Choi Won-jong, born in 2001, was an ‘outsider’ with a mental history.

He has been receiving psychiatric treatment since 2015 when he was in middle school.

An official at the academy that Choi Won-jong attended for two months that year said he was a student with no special memories.

[Academy officials: Looking back, I can’t come up with anything other than that conclusion that it would have been normal.]

There was no interaction with the people around me and I was isolated.

He was a quiet kid who was good at solving math problems.

[Academy official: So that part is a bit surprising… ]

I couldn’t go to high school for a year and quit because of ‘social phobia’.

In 2020, after his dropout, he was diagnosed with ‘schizophrenic personality disorder’.

It is a mental disorder characterized by isolation and disconnection.

However, he did not receive proper medical treatment until yesterday when he went on a ‘gun rampage’.

Based on the investigation so far, the police are planning to apply for an arrest warrant for Choi Won-jong tonight.

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