The children fought… How do American teachers respond?

The mother next door came to talk to me via KakaoTalk안전놀이터.
She said, “00 Lee went to the principal’s office today. Didn’t you say anything?”
She was startled and asked the child.
“Did she go to the principal’s office today?”

That’s right. A few days ago, there was an argument between her friends, and the principal called her as a witness while investigating the case and asked her to explain the situation.

It wasn’t a big deal. A Korean-American child used profane language in Korean to a classmate, and the friend who understood it raised a problem with the teacher, saying, ‘I wrote a bad word.’ Even among friends who played together as their hearts were broken, sides were divided.

But the principal intervenes in this? I was nervous because I was called to the principal’s office, but I understood it after learning about the American education system. Whether it is an elementary school with a homeroom teacher or a middle school or high school without a homeroom teacher, a ‘teacher’ is literally a ‘person who teaches’. In addition to academic work, the administrative team is in charge of all tasks such as social friendships, class disruptive behavior, and mental health. Here, the administrative team refers to the ‘counselor’ (student guidance counselor), the vice principal (vice principal in Korea), and the principal, which are representative positions in American schools.

If there is a quarrel between the children and it is not related to the class, the teacher immediately sends the matter to the administrative team. A system that judges that it is practically impossible for a teacher who has to lead more than 20 children in a class to respond to all violations of other children’s right to It is the job of the deputy principal or principal who has received the teacher’s memo to lead the school administratively and responsibly. Of course you think it’s something you have to do. I don’t even investigate the trivial children’s quarrel. In the process, whether bullying occurred, whether the incident was repeated, and whether there was any emotional damage was closely investigated, and parents were notified.
Her next-door mother also found out about the incident because the principal called and informed her.

■How can we alleviate the burden on teachers?
“In the United States, there are many systematic channels to relieve the burden on teachers.”

The biggest difference between the Korean and American education systems is the institutionalization of how to reduce the burden on teachers. Principal Lee Won-jin, a member of the Fairfax Office of Education, has been a student guidance counselor for over 10 years and is currently working as a private school principal. (Matthew Lee) pointed out. The problem behavior of students is the biggest cause of stress for teachers, and it is not much different whether it is in the US or Korea that they are struggling with increasing complaints from parents, but the problem is how to deal with this.

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