‘Drug positive’ Rolls-Royce owner… “I was a perpetrator of school violence on TV”

On the 2nd, a man in his 20s who drove a Rolls-Royce near Apgujeong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul and rushed into the sidewalk, seriously injuring a woman in her 20s, is known and controversial.

According to the police, Mr. Shin (28) was arrested for violating안전놀이터 the Act on Special Cases for the Handling of Traffic Accidents and was released after about 17 hours. Later today (5th), several online communities claimed that

Shin appeared in the SBS pilot program ‘Song For You’ in 2013.

‘Song For You’ is a program to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents with songs under the guidance of singers Lee Seung-cheol and Uhm Jung-hwa.

At the time, Shin-mo confessed to school violence, such as “I was cut off twice at school,” “I buried kids in other schools,” and “I bullied a lot of my friends when I was young.”

Today (5th), YouTuber ‘Caracula’ revealed his identity, saying, “The perpetrator with full-body tattoos who ran rampant with the police officers who were dispatched because it was not enough to crush a woman in her twenties was Shinwoo X, born in 1995.”

“Shin organized an emerging criminal group called Gangnam ‘ MT5 ‘ to create an overseas exchange for virtual currency so that it could be used as a payment method for drug commerce through Telegram.”

Caracular also added, “Mr. Shin and his gang used ‘money’ as a weapon and wielded mighty strength, spending tens of millions of won at clubs every week and spending hundreds of millions of won at large law firms to hire lawyers.”

On the community of the YouTube channel ‘Caracula Detective Agency’, pictures of the gruesome scene were also released.

The photos released by Caracula show Shin opening the driver’s door and the victim woman being crushed by the vehicle.

Caracula also criticized Shin’s attitude immediately after the accident. Even though passers-by shouted, ‘There is a person under the car,’ Shin stepped on the accelerator and hit the outer wall with the victim hanging.

Meanwhile, the victim suffered serious injuries, including fractured legs and head and stomach injuries, and underwent surgery at the hospital. Shin, a Rolls-Royce driver, is under investigation after testing positive for ketamine.

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