Former UFC champion Ngannou: Boxing fight with Tyson Fury was the biggest match of my career

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou (37, Cameroon) emphasized that his confrontation with current WBC world champion Tyson Fury (35, England) was “the best big match of his career.”


Then, along with respect for Fury, he clearly indicated that he would do his best to win. “I take everything seriously. This fight is the best match of my career. As with all fights, this one is the most important,” he said. “I respect Fury because I respect every opponent.” did. He also promised to propagate, “Me and Fury will shock the world. We will unleash great skills.”

Ngannou, who was referred to as a ‘monster’ in the UFC, defeated Stipe Miocic in March 2021 to become the heavyweight champion. He left the UFC Octagon in January of this year and has been pursuing a boxing match with Fury. As the match was confirmed on October 29th, all preparations were made, such as bringing in ‘Legendary Nuclear Fist’ Mike Tyson as a trainer.

The match will be held according to professional boxing rules. 3 referees conduct the game Since Ngannou is not listed in the WBC rankings, Fury’s title defense will not be credited. However, it is included as an official boxing match record for both fighters.

Most experts predict Fury’s easy victory. This is because Fury, who boasts an undefeated record of 33 wins and 1 draw, is far ahead of Ngannou in boxing skills and experience, including becoming the heavyweight champion of all four boxing organizations (WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO). Indeed, attention is focused on whether Eun-ganu, who is ‘sincere’ in this confrontation, can cause a change.

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