A worker in his 50s at a factory of an SPC affiliate is seriously ill… an accident once a month

A female worker in her 50s was seriously injured when she got caught in a machine at Shani Bakery, an
SPC affiliate.

After the death of a female worker in her 20s at another subsidiary’s factory last year, the group’s chairman also came forward and announced that he would strengthen safety management, but recently, industrial accidents have continued every month.

Reporter Yoon Tae-in reports.

[Reporter] A report was received that A, a woman in her 50s who was working at a bakery in Shani, an
SPC affiliate, was caught in a machine.

She was taken to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest within 30 minutes, and her breathing and consciousness returned and she underwent surgery, but she is in critical condition.

Mr. A believes that at the time of her accident, she was bending over under the bread kneading machine to replace her parts, and her colleague, who thought her work was finished, operated her machine and caused the accident. That’s it.

While the police are investigating the circumstances of the accident and negligence against factory officials, including Mr. A’s colleagues, the labor authorities also dispatched supervisors.

[Ministry of Employment and Labor officials: The investigation will investigate스포츠토토 whether there is a violation of the Industrial Act. All the supervisors are gone. Just in case, all the investigators and supervisors left.]

The company immediately stopped operating all production facilities at the factory where the accident occurred, but this is not the first time an industrial accident has occurred at a factory affiliated with SPC .

In October of last year, another affiliate of SPC ,A 23-year-old female worker at the SPL Pyeongtaek plant died after being caught in a machine.

As the company continued to operate its factory the day after the disaster, public outrage spread to a boycott campaign, and eventually SPC Chairman Heo Young-in apologized to the public.

[Heo Young-in / SPC Group Chairman (October of last year): We will humbly accept the severe reprimands and criticisms of the people. We will thoroughly review the group-wide safety management system and drastically strengthen safety management.]

However, the group chairman’s promise to strengthen safety management quickly faded.

In April, a male worker in his 40s who worked at the SPL factory suffered second-degree burns,

in May, a female worker in her 50s got her arm caught in a machine chain, and in June,

a male worker in her 30s broke her finger while fixing a machine. .

In addition, on the 12th of last month, a male worker in his 50s who was repairing equipment at the Shani factory, where this incident occurred, got his finger caught in a machine and fractured.

The SPC side stated that it would diligently participate in the investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

This is YTN Yoon Tae-in.

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