If you had reported “on the way to Seohyeon Station”…’Bundang weapon riot criminal’ spread

The face of Mr. Choi (22, arrested), a suspect in the ‘Bundang Seohyeon Station weapon riot’ that left 14 casualties, is spreading online.

On the 6th, a ‘past picture’ was spread online, saying that Mr. Choi was ‘smiling innocently in the army’.

However, the photo was posted by a media outlet while reporting on Choi’s case, and was described as “a person unrelated to the article.”

However, JTBC has already revealed Mr. Choi’s name, and Newsis reported his face without mosaic processing as he headed to the courtroom to receive the suspect’s interrogation (warrant review) the day before arrest. Because Choi was wearing a hat and mask, his bare face was not revealed.

The police will hold a personal disclosure review committee스포츠토토 on the 7th to decide whether to disclose Choi’s face and name.

The Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Specific Violent Crimes (Special Lecture Act) stipulates that the face, name, age, etc. stipulate

There must be a public interest such as the people’s right to know, prevention of recidivism and crime, and requirements such as that the suspect must not be a juvenile must be met.

Mr. Choi meets the requirements for disclosure of personal information set by the Special Lecture Act.

When the identity disclosure is decided, Choi’s name, age, and photo will be announced, but if he refuses, his current face may not be revealed.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the connection with this incident by finding articles written by Mr. Choi while active in an online community.

On the 29th of last month, Mr. Choi posted a picture of himself holding a weapon on the community and wrote, “A 23-year-old high school graduate who carries a 30cm weapon when going out.”

In addition, he posted articles such as “(Sillim Station murder case and stalker discovery) greatly strengthened military power from the two incidents” and “Now stop harassing me and listen to me”, and the day before the crime, “I was going to eat dessert in the basement of Seohyun Station” wrote. Mr. Choi drove his car on the sidewalk in front of the AK

Plaza department store in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do at 5:59 pm on the 3rd, crashed into citizens, and then brandished a weapon at the citizens on the first and second floors of the department store.

A female victim in her 60s who was hit by Choi’s car died on the 6th, three days after the incident while receiving hospital treatment for brain death.

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