“Who gets the money from?”… Universities that sparked the Jamboree, prepared meals at their own expense

Universities that suddenly took responsibility for the lodging스포츠토토 and meals of the members of the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’ provide lodging for the members at their own expense. It is the government’s policy to provide preservation in the form of ‘deferred payment’, but the position of the universities is that they are uneasy because the subject of the claim, such as the central government, local governments, and the Jamboree Organizing Committee, has not been decided.

According to the Jamboree Organizing Committee on the 8th, 37,000 people from 156 countries left the Saemangeum campsite using 1014 buses. This is because Typhoon Kanun is heading north. The government has secured a total of 128 lodgings, including 64 in Gyeonggi, 18 in Chungnam, 17 in Seoul, 8 in Incheon, 7 in Chungbuk, 6 in Daejeon, 3 in Sejong, and 5 in Jeonbuk. They were assigned to college dormitories and public institution training centers.

The problem is that the government pays for additional expenses such as lodging and lodging for the Jamboree members who have moved. First of all, the government is known to have requested ‘deferred payment’ from universities and public institutions, but it has not been decided where the ‘pocket’ will come from.

As a result, universities that are already experiencing financial difficulties are becoming anxious. A school official who took on the Jamboree members said, “I understand that they have to provide two meals, breakfast and dinner.” An official from the local government replied, “If the university submits a bill, 100% will be compensated.”

There is also a prospect that there will be a responsible battle over this. A university official replied, “There is a great concern that it will take a long time to decide who will pay for it because it cannot be parted.”

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