Although 99.2% of the people have antibodies… Corona confirmed cases increase for 6th week

It was found that 99.2% of the people have COVID-19 antibodies. In particular, the antibody-positive rate from infection, rather than from vaccines, increased from last year.먹튀검증

According to the ‘3rd Corona 19 antibody positive rate survey’ released by the National Institute of Health of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 9th, the total antibody positive rate was 99.2%, a slight increase from the previous survey (98.6%) conducted in December last year. When the Corona 19 virus penetrates the body, antibodies are formed, and the presence or absence of these antibodies can confirm infection. The antibody positive rate due to natural infection, not a vaccine, was 78.6%, an increase of 8.6 percentage points from the previous (70%). The survey was conducted on 9,798 people aged 5 and over nationwide.

The ‘silent propagation’ continues. The Agency for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed that the proportion of unconfirmed infections who were infected with Corona 19 but were not confirmed was 19.1%. This can be estimated as the difference between the incidence rate of COVID-19 confirmed cases, which is caught in statistics, and the antibody positive rate through natural infection.

The Agency for Disease Control and Prevention said, “The risk of reinfection in the region increases over time, and it was confirmed that the risk of infection is relatively high in those who have not been vaccinated.” do,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Agency for Disease Control and Prevention tried to announce a plan to convert the infectious disease grade of Corona 19 to level 4, including whether to lift the obligation to wear masks at hospital-level medical institutions, but decided to postpone the schedule. The fatality rate is decreasing, but the number of confirmed cases has been increasing for six weeks in a row. From the 1st to the 7th, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases was 50,388, an 11% increase from the previous week of 45,524.

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