Typhoon Kanun approaches the Korean Peninsula… Be careful of rain and strong winds up to 500mm

Typhoon Kanun is heading north.

It will land on the south coast this morning and pass through the Korean Peninsula, and strong rain and wind will blow across the country until tomorrow.

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Caster Han Ga-hyun, please tell us the typhoon situation in detail.


The 6th Typhoon Kanun is approaching the Korean Peninsula.

This typhoon will pass through the Korean Peninsula as it is.

They are slow and can do a lot of damage.

Be prepared for strong winds and rain today and tomorrow.

You can see the whirlpool of Typhoon Kanun that covered the Korean Peninsula.

Due to the influence of the typhoon, it is currently raining in most parts of the country, especially in Samcheok, Gangwon-do, it is raining at 30 mm per hour and in the southern region, more than 20 mm per hour.

Next, let’s look at the detailed path of the typhoon.

Currently, the typhoon is moving at a speed of 22 km per hour in the sea about 100 km south of Tongyeong.

They are moving north while maintaining the strength of Gangdo River.

We will make landfall west of Tongyeong at around 9 o’clock this morning, then head north to Cheongju this afternoon, arriving in Seoul tonight.

After that, I will withdraw to North Korea tomorrow morning.

It is expected to disappear tomorrow night near Sinuiju.

As a result, typhoon warnings are issued in the sea adjacent to the typhoon, in the southern part of Yeongdong, Gangwon, and in the southern region.

Typhoon warnings are in effect for areas other than some central and northern regions.

As the typhoon moves northward, the typhoon warning will gradually be expanded and strengthened.

Due to the influence of the typhoon, more heavy rain of up to 500mm will fall in먹튀검증 Yeongdong, Gangwon until tomorrow.

Up to 300mm or more of rain is expected in the inland and coastal areas of Yeongnam, and up to 200mm in other areas.

Extreme heavy rain of 40 to 60mm per hour and up to 100mm in Yeongdong, Gangwon Province will be poured.

Looking at the precipitation concentration time by region, Jeonnam and Gyeongnam will be until this morning, Chungcheong and south of Chungcheong until this afternoon, and the central and northern regions will be between this morning and evening.

The wind will be strong until tomorrow.

In particular, strong winds of around 40 m/s will blow around the south coast.

Strong winds of around 30 m/s are expected in other areas as well.

It will be a gust of wind that will allow the facility to fly around.

Please be mindful of safety.

It rains across the country today, and from tonight on, the southern part and Jeju will gradually escape from the influence of the typhoon and the rain will subside.

In the central region, rain and wind will continue until tomorrow afternoon.

You should avoid staying in flooded areas or underground spaces during the typhoon.

In addition, you should refrain from approaching the beach as strong waves can also come in.

Please check the weather information often in a safe place.

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