Metropolitan area, strong rain and wind until morning… Nationwide airports will be normalized

Let’s look at the situation in Incheon, which was affected by the typhoon overnight. A reporter is out on Ganghwa Bridge in Incheon.

Reporter Yeon Ji-hwan, I know that the typhoon passed near Incheon. How is the situation there?


Yes, it’s still raining hard here.

Typhoon Kanun moved more westward than expected, and the Korea Meteorological Administration said that it passed 50 km northeast of Ganghwa Island at 1:00 am today, that is, about 5 hours ago.

I crossed the armistice line and crossed into North Korea.

After entering North Korea, it is said that their power has greatly weakened.

Incheon is expected to be affected by Typhoon Kanun until this afternoon.

Depending on the region, there will be places where it rains between 30 and 80 mm먹튀검증.


Any news about the accident?


Yes, at around 5 pm yesterday in Yonghyeon-dong, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, the outer wall of the building fell off due to strong rain and wind.

In the vicinity of Cheongnyangsan Mountain in Incheon, a fence at a villa construction site was blown away by strong winds.

There were also power outages in some island areas in Incheon, but they have now been restored.

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There were disruptions to flights and ferry services because of the typhoon, right?


Yes, many flights were canceled yesterday due to the typhoon.

More than 400 flights were canceled at 14 airports across the country.

In yesterday afternoon, flights gradually resumed, mainly in areas outside the typhoon’s influence, and from today, all airports across the country are expected to operate normally.

However, there may still be aftermath of the typhoon, so if you are using a flight, it is better to check the flight status accurately before moving to the airport.

The Incheon waterway also stopped.

All 19 passenger boats on 14 routes to and from the island of Incheon were controlled.

Flights between Korea and China, which were scheduled to resume after three years, were also postponed one after another.

In Incheon, Biryu-daero 762-beongil will be controlled as a habitually flooded section until 7 am this morning, so please refer to it.

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