“I drink Korean Air in-flight” blast… The drink that the big-handed people like

The Phoenix Rising Group (Chairman Lee Jun-hee, right), which has about 10 subsidiaries, including LK Celltech , which produces liquid crystal display ( LCD ) panels and electric vehicle battery parts, has become the second largest shareholder of Kombucha maker Added Biome. AddedBiome is a fast-growing microbiome (intestinal microorganisms) startup, recently supplying kombucha as an in-flight beverage for Korean Air. Along with Added Biome, Tizen and Fresico, which are called the ‘Kombucha Trio’, have all recently succeeded in attracting external funds. With the forecast스포츠토토 that the global kombucha market will grow to 15 trillion won by 2030, conglomerates such as CJ Group are also considering entering the market. These are examples showing that the degree of attention to the domestic kombucha market is increasing.

○ Added Biome attracts external investment

Added Biome announced on the 11th that it had attracted Phoenix Rising as an investor. In the series A stage, the amount is 3 billion won. Choi Jeong-hwi, CEO of AddedBiome (left), said, “After investing in common stocks, Phoenix Rising’s shareholding ratio is 23%. ”

Phoenix Rising’s flagship affiliate is LK Celltech with annual sales of 120 billion won. It produces batteries, displays, mobile pads, films, and tapes. Evo Power, which makes large-capacity power storage devices, is preparing to list on the Australian stock exchange with a value of about 200 billion won. It is known that Phoenix Rising Group plans to expand its business area to the business-to-consumer ( B2C ) field with the investment in Eddy Biome as an opportunity .

Added Biome is able to accelerate the expansion of its kombucha business with this investment. CEO Choi explained, “After recently being selected as an in-flight beverage for Korean Air Prestige customers, we decided to supply it to large coffee franchise companies such as Mega Coffee and Ediya Coffee.”

Added Biome is recognized for its technology to the extent that it was selected as a supplier of Kombucha to Costco Korea without marketing activities such as TV advertisements. It is also sold at H Mart in the US and CJ Olive Young in Korea. It has also signed contracts with major catering companies such as Samsung Welstory to supply kombucha.

○Who will succeed in IPO first?Teazen is the leader in the domestic kombucha market. It was founded in March 2000 by CEO Kim Jong-dae, who oversaw the development of Osulloc, a tea brand at Amorepacific. It started with traditional tea business such as green tea and is expanding into kombucha. VIG

Partners, a private equity fund, became the largest shareholder last year. VIG is known to have valued Tizen at about 100 billion won. Last year, Tizen achieved 58 billion won in sales and 10.2 billion won in operating profit. Fresico, one of the three Kombucha producers, is a company pointed out by Jin Yang-gon, chairman of HLB , a ‘big hand’ in the bio industry. Chairman Jin incorporated Fresico into an affiliate last year through HLB Global , which oversees the retail business . ‘I’m Alive’ is Fresico’s kombucha brand. Fresico posted sales of 26.9 billion won last year. Experts in the food and beverage industry are giving generous scores to the growth potential of the domestic kombucha market. It is analyzed that consumers looking for fermented health drink kombucha will increase, just as ‘Zero craze’ blew in the liquor and beverage market as interest in health increased. According to Polaris, a global market research firm, the global market for kombucha is expected to grow from $2.5 billion in 2021 to $11.4 billion in 2030.

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