‘Jamboree Incident’ Kim Hyun-sook became a variable… “Complicated calculation”, the dilemma of the cabinet reshuffling

Former presidents have used their summer vacation as a time to plan the political situation. So, he tried to seize the initiative in the second half of the year by creating a series of flows leading to ‘summer vacation → reorganization → disclosure of blueprints through Liberation Day celebrations → reform of state affairs.” Since the National Assembly is also closed in midsummer, there is an advantage that the president can focus public attention through the ‘summer cabinet reshuffle’.

The prevailing view was that President Seok-Yeol Yoon, who had been on summer vacation from the 2nd to the 8th, would follow the usual path. In fact, the ‘2+α (alpha)’ cabinet reshuffle plan, which replaces the ministers of two or more ministries, such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Science and ICT, was strongly discussed, and Bang Bang-gyu, the current head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, was mentioned as a candidate for the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

However, the unexpected ‘Saemangeum Jamboree Incident’ broke out and Typhoon Kanun penetrated the Korean Peninsula, and all expectations were wrong. A high-ranking official from the passport said, “The embers of the cabinet reshuffle have not disappeared,” but “the priority is handling the Jamboree and responding to flood damage from typhoons.”

In the political world, some say that Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hyun-sook, who was not the target of replacement in the first place, “became a variable” due to the Jamboree incident. In the passport, it is Jeonbuk-do that hosted the Saemangeum Jamboree, and right now it is drawing a line on the theory of ‘Kim Hyun-sook’s responsibility’. However, evaluations are emerging that Minister Kim’s limitations have been revealed through the Jamboree’s disruption. A member 스포츠토토of the People’s Power first line was concerned that “after the National Assembly break, the opposition party will launch an all-out offensive against Minister Kim, including the Jamboree state affairs investigation.” Eom Kyung-yeong, director of the Institute for Spirituality of the Times, said, “Since the abolition of the Ministry of Leisure and Women’s Affairs is President Yoon’s pledge, there will be a great deal of struggle to replace the minister.”

With Minister Kim’s future emerging as a variable, the President’s office seems to be deeply concerned about the cabinet reshuffle. The presidential office has maintained its position that it will minimize possible reshuffles of ministries and only ministers who absolutely need to be replaced. This is because as the number of replacement ministers increases, the political burden of widening the front line of the confirmation hearing with the opposition party must also be borne. A passport official familiar with the situation said, “As Minister Kim becomes a variable, the calculation of the reshuffle has become much more complicated.”

Some predict that the cabinet reshuffle and the reorganization of the presidential office will be carried out sequentially ahead of the general elections next year. After President Yoon attends the Korea-US-Japan summit next week, a tweezers cabinet reshuffle can be carried out first, replacing only Minister Kim in a small amount, and then a medium-sized cabinet reshuffle in order to send ministers and senior secretaries from politicians to the general election around the end of the year. It is an observation that there is A high-ranking official in the presidential office said, “Personnel management depends on the president’s decision,” and “there is nothing set.”

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