Jeollabuk-do, who stood on the ‘responsibility theory’…”Let’s look at the specific work contents”

Regarding the disruption of the Saemangeum World Jamboree, some parts of the ruling party and others are arguing that Jeollabuk-do, the host city, is responsible.

In response, Jeollabuk-do issued a stance that it would take a hard line if the reputation of Jeonbuk-do residents and Saemangeum was damaged, asking to check the specific tasks of the government, organizing committee, and local governments.

This is reporter Kim Min-seong’s report.

Kim Kwan-young, governor of Jeonbuk, first bowed his head at the press conference, saying that the Jamboree failed to reap the beauty of the species as a result.

[Kim Kwan-young / Governor of Jeollabuk-do: As the governor of the venue, I cannot but feel my responsibility. I also deeply apologize to the people who have been hurt.]

Jeollabuk-do said that if there was something wrong스포츠토토, it would of course take responsibility for it, and that it would launch its own audit.

However, a line was drawn in the theory of responsibility in Jeollabuk-do, which is raised by the ruling party. [Kim Kwan-young / Governor of Jeollabuk-do: The truth will be revealed if

you look at the division of duties and specific tasks performed by the government, organizing committee, and local governments.]

said they were receiving

Key positions within the organizing committee, such as the chairman of the organizing committee and the secretary general, were also on the side of the Ministry of Leisure, including the minister, and most of the budget was spent by the organizing committee, not Jeollabuk-do or Buan-gun.

[Kim Kwan-young / Governor of Jeollabuk-do: When approved by the Minister of Leisure, the budget was mostly executed under the direction of the Secretary General of the Organizing Committee (from the Ministry of Leisure).]

Governor Kim also said that he would not condone the allegations made by some, such as that Jeollabuk-do Province used the Jamboree to bring in tens of trillions of won in budget.

[Kim Kwan-young / Governor of Jeollabuk-do: While talking about the insolvency of the airport, we only talk about the new airport in Saemangeum. I thought it was an excessive attack on Jeonbuk and an attack on Saemangeum… .]

I urged the central government and political circles to focus on revealing the truth according to laws and procedures instead of fighting factions.

Jeollabuk-do urged an end to irresponsible political strife.

However, in a sensitive situation where no one can take responsibility, it seems that the controversy will inevitably continue for a while.

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