“I looked through my underwear for 3 seconds inadvertently” appeal of the president who was reported for sexual harassment

A store owner who was reported to the police after staring at a female customer’s see-through clothes complained of injustice.

Recently, on various online communities and SNS , an article titled ‘The boss스포츠토토 who was reported to the police after looking at a guest’s underwear’ was posted.

Mr. A, the owner of the store, said, “A female customer reported me for sexual harassment.”

Mr. A said, “She received a card to pay after a female customer ordered take-out, but she was wearing a white shirt with her underwear exposed underneath.”

She continued, “I looked at her for about three seconds without realizing it, and she said, ‘Where are you looking?’ and reported it to the police for sexual harassment.” At the same time, Mr. A complained of frustration, saying, “I apologized, but it was of no use,” and “What should I do?”

Some netizens who came across this story commented, “If you said 3 seconds, I think you would have watched it longer. He must have felt shame”, “Those who have not been victimized may think about reporting it, but those who have been victimized will know that at that moment it feels like bugs are crawling all over the body”, “If you stare at the customer, you deserve to be reported.” criticized.

On the other hand, some defended Mr. A. They said, “There is no punishment for just watching. How are you going to prove it?”, “Korea is a country stained with sexual crime victim paranoia”, “If you don’t like that kind of gaze, shouldn’t you be wearing such clothes in the first place?”

On the other hand, sexual harassment refers to acts that cause discomfort, humiliation, etc. to the other party by words and actions related to sex, or cause damage such as giving disadvantages in employment.

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