“I finally got rid of the preconceived notion of ‘Crime State’”… Europe’s poorest country as a summer vacation spot

Albania, one of Europe’s poorest countries, is emerging as a popular holiday destination, breaking away from the stereotype of a ‘criminal country’. Italian Prime Minister Giorza Meloni is also drawing more attention as he chose Albania as his summer vacation destination.

On the 16th (local time), according to the local media SkyTG24 and the British Financial Times (FT), Prime Minister Meloni took a regular passenger boat from Puglia, a famous resort in southeast Italy on the 14th, and arrived at Blo, a coastal city in southwestern Albania, and took a two-day vacation there. sent.

Prime Minister Meloni visited Albania because he was invited by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. However, local netizens accept that Prime Minister Meloni, fed up with high prices and rip-offs in Italy, has left for Albania, where he can enjoy a cheap holiday.스포츠토토

Online, various ‘memes (popular internet content)’ satirizing Prime Minister Meloni’s vacation in Albania have emerged. Among them, the most talked about meme is Prime Minister Meloni’s “100 euros (about 146,000 won) for a parasol and two chairs? Zambruno, let’s go to Albania,” a post with a speech bubble.

In fact, in Italy, there are steady complaints about the overpriced prices of summer resorts during the holiday season. As a result, it is analyzed that Albania, which can enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere at an affordable price for Italians who do not have a generous vacation budget, is attracting attention as a cost-effective travel destination. The German Federal Statistical Office recently announced that Albania is the cheapest holiday destination in Europe, with restaurant and hotel prices 56% lower than in Germany.

Citing Prime Minister Rama and local media reports, the FT said that about 500,000 Italian tourists visited Albania this year, an increase of 57% compared to the same period last year.

Nicolas Ferrero (28), who came on vacation from Italy to Albania, said through FT, “The ferry to Albania was full of Britons, Italians and Albanians. A beach in Albania was like ‘Little Italy’.” described He added that he paid only 360 euros (about 530,000 won) for a week in a four-bedroom shared house in good condition in Sarandë, Albania.

The Albanian government is welcoming a ‘tourism boom’. In a recent interview with Italian TV, Prime Minister Rama admitted that he had finally overcome his preconceived notion that Albania was a dangerous country with many criminals.

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