Sexual assault in broad daylight shock in Sillim-dong… I don’t know, the victim is unconscious

A sexual assault occurred in broad daylight on a hill connected to a park in downtown Seoul, and the victim lost consciousness. On the 17th, the Seoul Gwanak Police Station arrested a 30-year-old Choi (30) on suspicion of beating and sexually assaulting a woman in a hill connected to a park in Sillim-dong, Seoul.

According to police, the crime took place at around 11:44 a.m. that day. The police, who were immediately dispatched to the scene after receiving a report from a hiker who heard the victim screaming, “Please save me,” arrested Choi near the crime scene at around 12:10 noon that day. At the scene, Choi’s mobile phone, hat, and a metal blunt instrument worn on her finger were found. Accordingly, the police assume that Choi assaulted the victim with a blunt weapon. The victim was taken to the hospital but remains unconscious.

As a result of the police investigation, it was found that Choi had no acquaintance with the victim. The police also tested breathalyzers and simple drug reagents, but it was found that Choi did not take drugs or drink alcohol at the time of the crime. In addition, he was not subject to wearing an electronic anklet due to sexual crimes. The police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Choi on the 18th. In addition, it is a policy to secure Choi’s medical records and Internet search records to find out whether he has mental illness and whether he planned the crime in advance.

This incident occurred after the police declared, for the first time in history, ‘special security activities to respond to heinous crimes’. Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun스포츠토토 declared special security activities on the 3rd after a series of riots with deadly weapons, and put an average of 10,000 people a day in 3,329 densely populated areas.

In particular, as Sillim-dong is an area where the shock of a daytime knife riot near Sillim Station by Joseon (33, arrested) on the 21st of last month is still intact, residents complained of anxiety when another heinous crime was committed in broad daylight in the same Sillim-dong. In fact, the scene of the crime was located halfway up the mountain, but it was in fact downtown, only a 10-minute walk from a nearby apartment. Even at the time of the crime, there were several citizens who came out to escape the heat in the valley near the crime scene.

A resident who witnessed the suspect’s arrest said, “The man (on a hiking trail) was wearing shorts and shorts and was wearing slippers.” A 72-year-old hiker named Jeong said, “I don’t know why this keeps happening. There is no closed circuit ( CC ) TV in the mountains, but now I can’t even climb because I’m anxious,” he said. A resident, Mr. Park (66), also said, “I was scared and left the neighborhood.”

However, the police believe that this case is not related to the previously reported online murder notice. By 9 am on the 17th, the police checked 393 murder notices and arrested 171 people in 163 cases. A large number of investigation and search personnel are being put in to find the authors of the 230 murder notices that have not yet been arrested.

The email terrorism threat from Japan, which began on the 7th with the announcement of a terrorist attack by Lee Jae-myung, the head of the Democratic Party, has continued for more than 10 days. On the morning of the same day, several emails were sent to the domestic media outlets and embassies threatening to blow up the Japanese embassy, ​​Japanese school, Supreme Court, subway station, and railway station, and the police began patrolling and searching.

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