“I received a threatening email”… ‘IQ 204’ Baek Kang-hyeon dropped out of Seoul Science High School

Baek Kang-hyeon (10), who recorded an IQ of 204 and became a hot topic as a ‘genius boy’, dropped out of Seoul Science High School after only one semester. At first, Baek’s side did not reveal the detailed reason for dropping out, but on the 20th, he claimed that he had been “teasing and school violence that was difficult to handle.”

On this day, Baek-gun’s father, Mr. A, posted a video titled ‘I received a threatening email about my son’ on his YouTube account. Mr. A said in a video, “I received a threatening email from a senior parent at Seoul Science High School because of the video of dropping out that I uploaded on the 18th.” revealed At the same time, he foreshadowed the revelation, saying, “Please watch what will be revealed about the unbearable teasing and inhuman school violence inflicted on young Kanghyun.”

Mr. A mentioned the situation of the damage and said, “I want to quit all education about Kang Hyun-yi and leave this country.” Specifically, he said, “(Classmates) treated me like a ghost by saying things like, ‘You’re at Seoul Science High School is deceiving the whole nation’ and ‘If Kang Hyun-yi is in the same group during team assignments, it’s as if no one is there. ” On the online community DC Inside, Kanghyun openly teases and curses at ‘A XX who can’t do anything’,

Parents’ threat emails released… “Are you comfortable being disrespected?”

Mr. A also revealed the e-mail he received from the parents that day. Mr. B, who identified himself as a senior parent of Seoul Science High School, sent an e-mail saying, “I thought that an elementary school student was a genius because he passed Seoul Science High School. “So I thought, ‘I’m going to drop out soon,’” he said. She added, “But you dropped out because you didn’t want to be a problem-solving machine? To be honest, I was in last place in the whole school and I can’t say I didn’t understand the class, but at least don’t do anything to degrade the image of the school students.”

Mr. A immediately sent her refutation email to her Mr. B, and she said, “I will formally file a complaint against you for sending an rude email.” Mr. A said, “You said that you only solved 1 math problem out of all subjects in the midterm exam for the first semester. Are you comfortable 스포츠토토with disparaging a young child with a nonsensical fact?” he explained.

At the same time, she said, “She didn’t drop out of school because she couldn’t keep up with her studies. She dropped out of school because of serious school violence.” “We went to the brink of filing a complaint with the police. The School Violence Committee was scheduled to be held, but we made concessions in consideration of the impact on society if the issue became an issue,” he said . There was no,” he pointed out.

“Become a problem-solving machine… I want to do creative activities”

Previously, Baek posted a video on YouTube on the 19th and said, “I dropped out of Seoul Science High School as of August 18th.” Regarding the reason for dropping out, Baekgun said, “I saw myself becoming a problem-solving machine in the mirror,” and “I wanted to do creative activities.”

Baek-gun, born in November 2012, appeared on the SBS entertainment program ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ in 2016 when he was 41 months old, and attracted attention by revealing his outstanding talent in mathematics and music. Baek entered elementary school in 2019, was promoted early to the 5th grade the following year, entered middle school early in April of last year, and entered Seoul Science High School in March.

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