China’s “violent interference in internal affairs” at Korea-US-Japan summit… Economic Retaliation Suggested

Regarding the meeting of the leaders of South Korea, the US, and Japan스포츠토토 on the 18th, China said it had “violently interfered in China’s internal affairs” and “expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition.”

When asked about China’s position on the Korea-US-Japan summit at a regular briefing on the 21st, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Won-bin said, “The US-Japan-ROK leaders indiscriminately attacked China over the Taiwan issue and other issues at the Camp David meeting. “China expresses strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the intentional alienation of relations between China and neighboring countries and a serious violation of the basic rules of international relations,” he said. “We have already raised stern negotiations with the relevant parties,” he added.

Spokesperson Wang also said, “Any attempt to start a new cold war in the Asia-Pacific region will encounter strong resistance from regional countries and people.” We urge you not to pursue your own interests at the expense of other countries’ strategic security interests and the welfare of the local people.”

Regarding the Taiwan issue, which China regards as a ‘core interest’ that China can never yield to, he said, “This is purely China’s internal affair, and it is China’s job to resolve it.” , firm will, and strong ability should not be underestimated.”

Regarding the South China Sea issue, which is in conflict with neighboring countries over territorial sovereignty, he said, “China has indisputable sovereignty over the islands and adjacent waters in the South China Sea.” It raised tensions and became the biggest threat to peace and stability in the region.”

The state-run Global Times also said on the same day, “As South Korea and Japan sent a message that they will become stronger together as the driving force for the US blockade of China, it is inevitable to have a serious impact on economic and trade cooperation in the region.” “As a result, it will inevitably be It will lead to a weakening of mutual trust in economic and trade cooperation among the three countries (Korea, China, and Japan), and will be a major turning point in China-Korea-Japan relations.” It is interpreted as a prediction of China’s economic retaliation against Korea and Japan.

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