‘Sniper Kim Yeon-kyung’ Lee Da-young suddenly shares ‘Sexual Harassment Manual in the Workplace’ on SNS

Volleyball player Lee Da-young, who has recently been pouring out revealing messages about volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung, is drawing attention by sharing the ‘Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Manual in the Workplace’ this time.

Lee Da-young wrote on Instagram on the 23rd, “Sometimes words are sharper than knives, and the scars remain for a long time. 2018 Athletes’ Village, 2019 World Cup Japan” and uploaded a captured image of the ‘Manual for Preventing and Response to Sexual Violence in the Workplace’.

It is estimated that the 2018 Athlete Village and the 2019 World Cup Japan mentioned by Lee Da-young are the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, and the 2019 FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Cup.

According to the manual, sexual harassment in the workplace is an act in which employers, superiors, or workers give other workers sexual humiliation, disgust, or disadvantages in employment for reasons of noncompliance by taking advantage of situations related to their position or work in the workplace.

In particular, Lee Da-young captured and uploaded examples of sexual speech and behavior, which are the criteria for judging sexual harassment in her workplace, and the contents of the damage caused by sexual harassment.

Physical acts include △kissing, hugging, touching certain body parts △acts of forcing massage or caress, and △verbal acts include △lewd jokes or lewd and vulgar stories △evaluation of appearance or sexual It includes acts likening or referring to body parts △acts of asking about sexual facts or intentionally spreading sexual information. This includes the act of coercing안전놀이터 or conciliating sexual relations, and the act of forcibly sitting next to you at a dinner party and forcing you to pour yourself a drink.

Recently, Lee Da-young is continuing to expose her senior, Kim Yeon-kyung. Previously, “(Kim Yeon-kyung) has lived with swearing in her mouth since before. Bullying is standard, and even in the national team, she treated (me) as a bar girl in front of the kids.” How much I cursed and made it hard in front of you.”

Lee Da-young and Kim Yeon-kyung’s bad relationship started in 2020. Lee Da-young during the 2020-2021 seasonOn SNS , he repeatedly left messages that seemed to reveal the abuse of power by Kim Yeon-kyung, who played with the same team at Heungkuk Life Insurance.

But her arrow was directed at her own person. When the ‘gap-jil issue’ broke out, her twin sister and the victims who exercised together in elementary and middle school exposed the contents of the sister’s school violence to the online community.

After that, the twin sisters were virtually released from the domestic league. Afterwards, on the 5th, Lee Da-young spent the off-season in Korea and before leaving the country, he said, “I want to ask why he bothered and made it so hard at that time,” and said, “I never hit the ball I raised while I was at Heungkuk Life Insurance.” did.

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