Looking at the cafe female president, ‘4 hours lewd act man’ finally embroidered “Please forgive me”

A man in his 40s who committed lewd acts for four hours at a cafe where a woman worked alone turned himself in when the police began an investigation.

According to the police on the 25th, Michuhol Police Station in Incheon스포츠토토 booked Mr. A without detention on charges of lewd performance. Public obscenity is a provision that punishes those who openly engage in lewd acts with imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 5 million won, detention, or a minor fine.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Mr. A is accused of committing an obscene act while staying at a cafe in Michuhol-gu, Incheon for 4 hours.

The female business owner, who worked alone at the cafe at the time, found Mr. A engaging in lewd behavior while watching CCTV, and she reported it to 112 the next day .

On the 22nd, the business owner also confessed the damage to an online community.

The business owner said, “When it rained heavily, she came just in time for lunch (at a free time), ordered a warm cafe latte, three bottles of beer, and a cup of milk tea, and waited for four hours. I was sitting in the kitchen looking at my cell phone because there were few customers.”

Then, all of a sudden, she felt weird, she said. She said, “ I checked the CCTV , and the customer put the foldable phone on the table and looked at the phone and then at me. I thought it was strange to look at it with my body completely removed.” In response, “When I captured the CCTV screen and sent it

to my younger sister, saying, ‘Someone who comes in from time to time keeps looking at me,’ I asked, ‘Why is that person’s hand like that? . The article written by the business owner was widely spread through media reports, and the police also launched an investigation. On the 23rd, Mr. A voluntarily appeared at the police station and was investigated. She is known to have appealed for her leniency.

Because the business owner did not see the lewd act with his own eyes, but learned through CCTV , the author became a reference, not a victim, in the police investigation.

Based on the president’s statement that “he was a frequent customer at the cafe in the past,” the police plan to further investigate whether Mr. A is guilty of female crimes.

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