Gasoline around 1,800 won before I knew it… The unstoppable rise in oil prices

Domestic oil prices have been skyrocketing for seven weeks in a row. In the aftermath of rising international oil prices, the average selling price of gasoline in Seoul far exceeded먹튀검증 1,800 won per liter.

According to the Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system on the 26th, the average selling price per liter of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the fourth week of August (20-24) was 1740.8 won, up 13.1 won from the previous week.

By region, gasoline prices in Seoul were the highest at 1,820.6 won. Gasoline prices in Gwangju were 1,706.5 won per liter, the lowest in the country.

By brand, SK Energy gas station was the most expensive at 1749.1 won, and thrifty gas station was the cheapest at 1707.7 won.

Diesel sales price was 1617.7 won, up 29.4 won from the previous week. It is the first time in about six months since the third week of February (1,608.93 won) that the weekly price of diesel exceeded 1,600 won.

The Korea Petroleum Association predicted that domestic petroleum product prices would rise for the time being, but that the rate of increase would slow down. This is because international oil prices showed a downward trend this week due to factors such as the increase in the weekly inventory of petroleum products in the United States and the continued increase in oil production in Iran.

In fact, this week’s average price of Dubai oil, which is the standard for the price of imported crude oil, recorded $85.8 per barrel, down 0.5 dollars from the previous week. The international gasoline price was 102.5 dollars, down 0.1 dollars from the previous week, and the international automobile diesel price was 119.1 dollars, a 0.9 dollar increase.

Meanwhile, with oil prices soaring, the government plans to extend the oil tax cut, which was scheduled to end at the end of this month, for another two months until the end of October. However, with the temporary extension, the cut could be phased out in consideration of tax revenue, leaving room for an increase in oil prices.

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