Aim for the three major funds of the Moon administration… What is the background of the re-examination?

Let’s take a closer look with reporter Lee Hyun-jae, a reporter I know.

Q1 . this reporter. Let’s start by looking at what the three major funds of the Moon Jae-in administration are aimed at by the Financial Supervisory Service.

yes. It refers to the Lime Optimus Discovery Fund, which caused trillions of won in damages due to the large-scale suspension of redemption during the Moon Jae-in administration.

Looking at the amount of damage, the Lime and Optimus Funds are estimated at 1 trillion won and the Discovery Fund at 250 billion won.

Q2 . The discovery fund introduced in the report earlier, the names of key figures in the former regime were mentioned here, right?

yes. He is the younger brother of Jang Ha-won, CEO of the Discovery Fund, and Jang Ha-seong, former chief of staff for policy, who led ‘income-led growth’ as ​​a key economic figure in the Moon Jae-in administration.

It is known that Jang Jeon and Kim Sang-jo, then chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, invested about 6 billion won and 400 million won, respectively, in this fund.

Discovery was also suspected of giving preferential treatment to high-ranking investors.

Ha-seong Jang and Sang-jo Kim allowed them to invest in a way that deposits and withdrawals were possible even before maturity.

Subscribers flocked to rumors that key government economic policy figures invested, and the amount of damage increased accordingly.

Q3 . The Financial Supervisory Service and Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Sang-hee are fighting a war of nerves over the Lime Fund, right?

yes. The battle began on the 24th when the Financial Supervisory Service revealed that the Democratic Party’s multi-seon member had received a preferential repurchase right before the Lime incident.

Rep. Kim said, “There was no preferential treatment,” and went on a sit-in in the lobby of the Financial Supervisory Service, and even held an apology workshop with Lee Bok-hyun, the head of the Financial Supervisory Service.

Director Lee came to him and apologized, but later changed his words saying that he had never apologized.

Rep. Kim, today again, urged Director Lee, “I will meet you again and confirm what you said that day, so if you have nothing to hide, don’t refuse the meeting.”

On the other hand, director Lee Bok-hyun said in a phone call with Channel A the day before yesterday, “I met Congressman Kim and said, ‘I can’t say that avoiding damage in an issue where tens of thousands of people have suffered damage is not a preferential treatment.’”

Q4 . This reporter is a political reporter, but you have also covered the financial authorities. What makes the reexamination of the Discovery Fund case particularly unusual?

This is because, unlike the two funds that were found guilty, the Discovery Fund was acquitted in the first trial.

In fact, Lee Bok-hyun, head of the Financial Supervisory Service, announced the re-examination of the three major funds from the time he took office.

[Lee Bok-hyeon / Financial Supervisory Service Governor (inauguration ceremony in June of last year)]
“As before, we must apply strict standards for market disruption.”

The reason why the Financial Supervisory Service pulled out the re-inspection knife스포츠토토 was because of the suspicion that the prosecution during the previous government had conducted a ‘considerable investigation’.

Once the Financial Supervisory Service has uncovered the suspicion of a poor investigation, the prosecution has a justification for starting a new investigation.

Director Lee Bok-hyun, who is also close to President Yoon Seok-yeol, is the youngest chief of the Financial Supervisory Service who was the first prosecutor.

In the past, when I tried to find out something when entering and exiting the Financial Supervisory Service, I heard a stern answer of “cannot be confirmed” several times.

However, after Lee took office, there were cases where sensitive information was disclosed.

In a phone call with Channel A, Director Lee also emphasized, “If you don’t work hard on things related to strong people, will the people trust the FSS?”

Q5 . So, I think the political evaluation is mixed.

Opposition parties are fighting back.

The Democratic Party criticized, “Is it the’Political Supervisory Service’?”

On the other hand, the ruling party is putting strength in Lee’s move.

I hear you.

Until now, I was a reporter for Lee Hyeon-jae of the Political Department.

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