Disguised as a plumber… College student who murdered parents of ex-lover confirmed death penalty

On August 28, 2015, the Supreme Court announced that it had confirmed the death penalty for college student mother-in-law (then 25 years old) who brutally murdered her ex-girlfriend’s parents. It was the first death sentence confirmed in two years and seven months after the case of Corporal Kim, who killed four colleagues by shooting wildly at the Marine Corps. In the Republic of Korea, a country that has practically abolished the death penalty, on what basis did the court make such a ruling?

Resentment when the president of Chongdongyeon was put down due to the assault of a lover

At 9:19 am on May 20, 2014, a report was received on 112 that “someone seems to have fallen from the 4th floor of the apartment.” When the police arrived at the scene in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, a horrific scene was unfolding. This is because victim A was lying barefoot on the flower bed of the apartment, and her parents were found stabbed to death in the house.

As a result of police analysis of closed circuit ( CC ) TV , etc., the suspect was identified as one person. It was Jang, who had been dating Mr. A for about two months.

Mr. Jang assaulted and injured Mr. A several times before the incident. The fact of the assault was known to the school, and he was unable to serve as the president of the club association and was scolded by his parents. In addition, Mr. Jang went to the house of Mr. A, who broke up with him, saying that he would seek the consequences of his own fault, and when Mr. A’s parents informed his parents of this fact, he decided to commit the crime.

He decided to pose as a plumber 10 days before the crime and started looking for a weapon to use and a way to get into the victim’s home. It was a meticulous plan, from tools to stop the victim’s rebellion to extra clothes in case blood was stained on him.

“Plumbing inspection came out” Lie… offense with a weapon

Mr. Jang arrived at the victim’s apartment at 6:20 pm on May 19, 2014, lied and said, “I went to inspect the plumbing,” and entered the house. Afterwards, he stabbed Mr. A’s parents to death with a weapon and sent a KakaoTalk message to their cell phones, urging Mr. A to return home early.

When Mr. A, unaware of this fact, returned home, Mr. Jang imprisoned him, disconnected his cell phone battery, and assaulted him. Mr. Jang committed a sex crime by forcing him to act according스포츠토토 to his instructions when Mr. A asked him to call 119, saying, “Please save at least my father.” Mr. A’s parents were already dead.

Mr. A, who felt extreme fear, jumped from the 4th floor of the apartment to escape and suffered injuries that required treatment for 112 days. He had only been in confinement for about eight hours.

Mr. Jang was caught by the police at around 1:00 pm on the same day in a room in Gyeongsan City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and admitted to the crime. In the investigative agency’s investigation, he said, “At first, I was reflecting on the assault,” but he tried to pass the cause of the crime on to the victims by giving absurd reasons

From the Daegu District Court to the Supreme Court, everything is “death penalty”

On September 18 of the same year, the first part of the Criminal Agreement of the Western Branch of the Daegu District Court (Presiding Judge Nam Geun-wook) sentenced Jang to death on charges of murder and semi-rape. The judge said, “The person’s life was taken lightly twice, and Mr. A was lured away, and the parents’ lives were controlled and imprisoned as collateral.” judged that

Jang appealed, saying that his sentence was too heavy and unfair, but the second trial court did not accept it. On April 9, 2015, the Criminal Division 1 of the Daegu High Court (Presiding Judge Lee Beom-gyun) dismissed Jang’s appeal and said, “The lower court’s death sentence is judged to be an unavoidable choice.”

The judge said, “It is common in our society that the parents of the victim protest against the parents of the accused and demand measures to prevent recurrence.” The defendant’s act of trying to solve it by the extreme method of murder shows the great evil inside.”

Later, Jang’s side submitted an appeal, and the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal and the death penalty was confirmed. The first division of the Supreme Court (presiding judge, Justice Koh Young-han) said, “As no executions have been carried out in Korea since 1998, questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the death penalty itself, and a bill to abolish the death penalty has recently been proposed in the National Assembly.” In the state, if it is judged that the maximum sentence is deserved, the death penalty is an inevitable choice.”

Mr. Jang became the 61st death sentence confirmed that day and is serving time in prison.


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