It’s ‘Gyeongsul National Violence Day’… Selling ‘Kamikaze’ products in domestic online mall

Yesterday was the ‘Gyeongsul Gukchi’, when Korea was deprived of its national rights by Japan.

However, domestic online shopping malls are controversial because products symbolizing Japanese militarism are openly being sold.

It is a large domestic online shopping mall.

A Japanese sword-shaped product is on sale, but it says that메이저사이트 it is a kamikaze cosplay prop.

Kamikaze is a term referring to the suicide bombers who drove fighter jets into enemy ships at the end of World War II.

Looking down, there are also ornaments that look like the hats worn by kamikaze pilots.

Another product has the word ‘kamikaze’ written on the hat. Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University , pointed out on

his social media account , “Kamikaze-related products are openly sold at large online shopping malls in Korea even on Gyeongsul National Violence Day.”

Professor Seo continued, “No matter how much overseas direct purchase platforms are provided, it is clearly wrong for large online shopping malls to sell kamikaze-related products without proper verification.”

In response, some of the shopping malls that sold the product said they would “quickly stop selling.”

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