“I can’t stand the sight of a woman wearing a skirt”… Hidden camera criminal in his 30s, dozens of victims

A man in his 30s was caught by the police for illegally filming 43 women스포츠토토 over a five-year period at subway stations.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s subway police unit announced on the 31st that it arrested Mr. A (34) and sent him to the prosecution on charges of illegally filming women’s bodies at subway stations and secretly filming sexual relations with their lovers (filming using cameras, etc. under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act).

Mr. A is accused of illegally filming a woman’s lower body a total of 43 times over a five-year period from May 2018 to June of this year.

Additionally, it was investigated that between November 2017 and January of the following year, sex scenes were illegally filmed three times without the consent of her then-girlfriend.

Mr. A was reported and caught while illegally filming at a subway station last February.

While investigating Mr. A’s crime, the police confiscated an external hard drive and a mobile phone used in the crime from his residence and confirmed the crime through digital forensics.

During the police investigation, Mr. A stated, “When I see a woman wearing a skirt, I have the urge to take pictures under the skirt.”

It was found that Mr. A had two previous convictions for sexual offenses, including illegal filming, and had been sentenced to probation and ordered to attend a sexual violence treatment program.

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