“What are your complaints about living in an expensive house?” ‘Bundang knife attack’ Choi Won-jong’s apartment price surprises

The apartment where Choi Won-jong (22), a suspect in the stabbing incident스포츠토토 at Seohyeon Station in Bundang, where 14 people were killed, lived alone and the sale price were revealed. MBC’s current affairs program ‘ PD

Notebook’ , which aired on the 29th of last month, focused on Choi. According to the PD notebook, he was found to have lived alone for more than a year in an apartment just a 2-minute drive from Seohyeon Station, where he committed the crime. The police also previously reported that Mr. Choi lived alone due to problems with his family. The interior of Choi’s house, revealed by PD Notebook, was clean. A small desk, chair, and fan caught my eye in the living room, and there was a vacuum cleaner, chair, and blanket in the small room. A security guard at the apartment complex said, “Since he was a resident, we basically said hello,” and “We stayed quietly without causing any trouble.” “Her mother lived in different neighborhoods and moved back and forth,” the security guard said, adding, “Only her son lived alone.”

In response to this, a mental health specialist pointed out, “If a person stays alone, there is a high possibility that (schizophrenia) medication will not be managed and symptoms such as delusions will worsen.” He continued, “It would have been particularly difficult to detect worsening symptoms,” and added, “This seems to have increased the probability of an accident occurring.”

After the broadcast, information such as the name and sale price of the apartment where Choi lived spread quickly in online communities.

According to Naver Real Estate, the sale price for a 20-pyeong apartment is 1 billion to 1.1 billion won, and the lease price is 400 to 500 million won. Last month, a 14-pyeong property was traded for 720 million won.

Some netizens showed various reactions, such as “Isn’t this a golden spoon?”, “What kind of dissatisfaction did you have with society while living in an expensive house?”, “It is more expensive than our apartment where a family of four lives on the outskirts of Seoul.”

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