Jin Jung-kwon, direct hit on fasting Lee Jae-myeong… “Just eat rice. I recommend raw fish bowl”

Jin Joong-kwon, a professor at Kwangwoon University, criticized Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung’s fast on the 1st. He responded directly, saying, “People see it as a comedy.”

When Professor Jin was asked on CBS Radio’s ‘Park Jae-hong’s Bout’ this afternoon what he thought of Representative Lee’s fasting, he said, “(Representative Lee) says it’s a protest, but no one is interested,” and “Just eat rice. I recommend raw fish bowl.” said.

Professor Jin pointed out, “If you say that (fasting) is ‘dang-kang’ to others, then you are also saying it is ‘dang-kang’.” In an article posted on social media

on October 2, 2016, when he was mayor of Seongnam, Representative Lee said of the fasting of then-Saenuri Party leader Lee Jeong-hyun, “Fasting is the last means of resistance of the weak스포츠토토,” and “The Seongnam mayor’s fast against the president’s oppression of local autonomy is a form of resistance.” However, he criticized, “The fasting of the ruling party leader because he is not allowed to do what he wants is not resistance, but bullying or intimidation.” When Kim Seong-hoe, director of Think Y, a political research institute, said, “At that time it was the ruling party and this was the opposition party,” he refuted, “It’s the same story.”

Professor Jin said, “The Democratic Party’s approval rating is at an all-time low. It shows the limitations of Lee Jae-myung’s regime. I also want to fight. The problem is that the person at the forefront of the struggle is Representative Lee. There can be no momentum for the struggle.” said. At the same time, he explained, “The reason the ruling party does not gain momentum even if it runs wild is because there is a problem with the entity that is supposed to fight.” In the Gallup Korea poll for the 5th week of August released on the 1st, the Democratic Party’s approval rating was 27%. This is the lowest level since the Yoon Seok-yeol government took office. (See the website of the National Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee)

Professor Jin said, “We chose the wrong representative,” and added, “A person who should not have been the representative became the representative, and all he could do was support the party. “Saving the country is not saving the country,” he pointed out.

Professor Jin also criticized President Yoon Seok-yeol, calling him a “novice activist.” On the 30th of last month, Professor Jin said on CBS Radio’s ‘Park Jae-hong’s Bout’ that “among the first-year (college) students who have become activists, there are radical ones,” and compared President Yoon to a “beginner in the activist movement.” Previously, President Yoon ordered the State Council members, “You are there to fight with words because you are political politicians.”

Professor Jin pointed out, “The minister should work for the people, not work for the ruling party.”

Professor Jin said, “The president acts from a neutral position, encompassing the ruling and opposition parties.

Professor Jin then said, “(But) ministers are telling me to fight and become a warrior,” and asked, “Has there ever been such a thing as a ‘warrior-type minister’?”

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