“Female flight attendant, I love you,” cheers erupted over the first officer’s in-flight announcement.

The first officer of an American airline confessed his love to a female flight attendant through an in-flight announcement, receiving applause from passengers.

On the 29th of last month (local time), NBC ‘s ‘Today’ introduced a special스포츠토토 announcement broadcast by First Officer Cole Doss (31), who has worked as a pilot at United Airlines for two years.

According to the media, Doss gave a pre-flight announcement on July 25 on a flight from Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, USA, to Madrid, Spain.

While informing about weather conditions, etc., he suddenly introduced a female flight attendant. “One of the flight attendants working with us today is not only an outstanding flight attendant, but she is also my special mom,” Cole Doss said of the female flight attendants.

“Today is my first day working with my mom at United Airlines in two years,” Doss said. “My mom has been one of the biggest supporters in my life and my career as a pilot since my first flight lessons.” “He explained.

He added, “Today I took a flight to Madrid with my mom for the first time, and I am especially honored and excited to share this experience with you.”

In conclusion, he said, “Say I love you to her mom, and to everyone on board, welcome to family-friendly heaven.”

As soon as Doss finished speaking, the passengers on board cheered and applauded. Moya smiled broadly at his son’s announcement and said, “I was surprised. I was really touched.”

DOS released an announcement video through social network service ( SNS ). The video has amassed 29,000 likes in less than a month since it was posted.

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