Chicken restaurant employee ‘rejected’ 957 delivery orders… I saw the CCTV

The owner of a chicken restaurant complained that he later found out that an employee of a chicken restaurant had rejected orders worth 27 million won over 9 months because he was playing a game.

According to an online report on the 6th, Mr. A, the owner of a famous chicken franchise, complained of damage by posting a post titled ‘Employee’s habitual refusal of orders for a year’ on the self-employed community ‘I’m스포츠토토 the boss because I’m sick’ on the 4th.

Mr. A said, “During the daytime when the employee was working alone, there were too few orders, so I checked the order rejection on the delivery app and found that 2-3 orders were rejected every day.” He added, “I think the number would be higher if you include other delivery apps. “If this were to happen in one year, there would be a loss of more than 15 million won from just one delivery app,” he said. Mr. A, who checked the CCTV

footage of the time when the employee refused the order, said, “It showed him refusing the order exactly. There are only 5 to 6 orders in 6 hours during the day, so there is a lot of time spent sitting. “He refused the order because he was playing a game on his phone,” he said angrily. When Mr. A asked about canceling the order, the employee reportedly made excuses such as “I never received the order,” “I was in the bathroom and didn’t see it,” “I think it was because the customer canceled the order right away,” and “I declined it because it wasn’t in the delivery area.” He said, “I thought they didn’t clean the store, so I asked about it, and they insisted that they did, so I watched a week’s worth of CCTV footage and found that they didn’t sweep or wipe the store at all. It was strange because the mop bucket was always clean, but every day the employee had a day off, there was a lot of muddy water in the mop. “When I said something about it, (the employee) notified me of my resignation the same day,” he said.

When some netizens pointed out the business owner’s negligence in management, Mr. A said, “It is a delivery store with monthly sales of 100 million won, and I am always there 12 hours a day and take a break once a week. “It’s a store with a lot of deliveries, so when I deliver, there are times when I’m not in the store,” he said. He added, “The treatment of employees is also good. I gave them summer and winter vacations and bought them all food. I have never been scolded. “They let us rest on Sundays and the pay is high,” he added.

Mr. A said, “I was planning to quietly let go of the person who left anyway, but Malbok Day was so free that I turned down 1.39 million won worth of food through a delivery app on that day as well. I was so shocked when I saw that that I thought it wasn’t something that could be passed over quietly. “It’s the same when it comes to first clothes and redundancies,” he said, adding, “I’m curious whether I can file a claim for damages or report or receive compensation for intentional business loss.”

According to the delivery app settlement details disclosed by Mr. A, the total number of order rejections from January 1 to June 30 and from July 1 to the 4th was 957. Converted into monetary terms, the amount of damage suffered due to employee refusal of delivery orders over a 9-month period amounts to approximately 27 million won.

An employee’s intentional refusal to order may be punishable as obstruction of business. According to Article 314 (Obstruction of Business) of the Criminal Act, a person who disseminates false information or harms a person’s credibility by using other fraudulent means or interferes with a person’s business by using force shall be punished by imprisonment for up to 5 years or by a fine not exceeding 15 million won.

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