Taking naked pictures of my daughter’s friend’s high school girl and sexually assaulting her… “The kid asked me to take a picture” pleads not guilty

The prosecution also requested the same 15 years in prison as the first trial 스포츠토토sentence for a driver in his 50s who sexually assaulted his daughter’s friend, a high school girl riding his school vehicle, 26 times over several years. The man maintains his innocence, saying he took nude photos of the female student at her request.

On the 6th, the Daejeon High Prosecutors’ Office held a hearing held by the Daejeon High Court’s 1st Criminal Division (Chief Judge Song Seok-bong) to determine whether Mr. A (56) violated the Act on Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents and violated the Special Act on Punishment of Rape and Sexual Violence Crimes (Threatening using filmed videos, etc.) The appeals court in the alleged case requested, “Dismiss the defendant’s appeal and sentence him to the same 15 years in prison as the original trial.”

In response to this, Mr. A pleaded not guilty, saying, “The accuser did not take the school bus to school and went to meet a male student in the afternoon, so I admonished him. It is unfair. If I am at fault, the only fault I have is taking a picture.” He pleaded not guilty.

He was arrested and indicted on charges of sexual assault on 26 occasions at the driver’s office and motel until January 2021, including using a naked photo of his child’s friend, Ms. B, taken at the school driver’s office in 2017 and sexually assaulting her by threatening to distribute it.

When Ms. B, who used his car to go to school, was contemplating going to college, he approached her and said he would introduce her to a professor she knew, so he committed this act.

Even in the original trial, Mr. A denied the charges, saying, “Mrs. B said she had to take an assignment to school and handed me her cell phone and asked me to take a picture of her. So I reluctantly took a nude picture. We went to the motel, but we only talked outside.”

The first trial court sentenced him to 15 years in prison, the same sentence as the prosecution, saying, “The defendant committed the crime by taking advantage of his position of trust as a friend’s father, but he consistently made absurd excuses and damaged the victim’s reputation.” Accordingly, Mr. A appealed on the grounds of misunderstanding of facts, misunderstanding of law, and unfair sentencing.

The next trial will be held on the 20th of next month.

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