Kim Yoon-ah, “It’s me who won’t let you do an encore”… Jeon Yeo-ok “A great country that gives freedom even to fake news”

Former Saenuri Party (predecessor of the People Power Party) lawmaker Jeon Yeo-ok took aim at Kim Yun-ah, vocalist of the band Jaurim, who criticized the discharge of contaminated water from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi스포츠토토 Nuclear Power Plant, saying, “Our country is a great country that gives freedom to even fake news.” When Kim remarked to the audience requesting an encore at one of her recent performances, “The country won’t let you do that,” she interpreted it as a criticism of the current government and launched a rebuttal.

On the 7th, Rep. Jeon said through social network service ( SNS ), “Kim Yun-ah appeared for the first time in a long time on the 3rd. “She sang 11 songs to her heart’s content, and when asked for an encore, she responded, ‘The country won’t let me do that,’” she said.

She continued, “She sang and earned money and even filmed a food show, but the country didn’t let her sing an encore song? “She is no less than a dog’s daughter (a daughter of reform and a strong supporter of the Democratic Party leader along with Lee Jae-myung),” she said, adding, “Celebrities who have caused social controversy have called for self-reflection, but (Kim Yuna) will also perform on the 23rd.”

She added, “Our country is a great country that gives freedom even to fake news Kim Yuna.”

Previously, on the 24th of last month, Mr. Kim posted an image with the word ‘ RIP地球 (Earth)’ written on his SNS and wrote, “I have been engulfed in anger for a few days now.” He said, “In Blade Runner +4, cinematic dystopia begins to become a reality. “It’s the scene of LA in the movie where there is no light because the radioactive rain doesn’t stop, ” he said, criticizing Japan’s discharge of contaminated water, saying, “I think about hell on days like today.” He also posted an image showing the water cycle and said, “Middle school science, the water cycle. “The problem of marine pollution is not limited to whether or not fish and seaweed can be eaten,” he said, adding, “The worst marine pollution situation, with fish at the forefront, is greatly reduced by the problem of the range of side dish options.” Regarding this, Rep. Jeon mentioned Kim’s past broadcast on the 25th of last month where she did a ‘mukbang’ in Japan and asked, “Are ‘Japanese mukbang girl Kim Yuna’ in 2016 and ‘Fukushima hell Kim Yuna’ in 2023 the same person?” I posted a sarcastic post. Meanwhile, Jaurim, a band that Mr. Kim belongs to, reportedly said to the audience requesting an encore after singing the last song at the ‘2023 Let’s Rock Festival’ held at Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul on the 3rd, “The country won’t let me do it.” Some also analyzed that local governments may have been cautious due to noise from the performance. Accordingly, Jaurim is known to have sung an encore song with the audience without playing or lighting.

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