Parked illegally in two lanes and ‘finger-swearing’… Benz driver crossing the line

A driver who illegally parked in two lanes on his way to work brought on criticism after being known to have sworn at the other driver who honked his horn.

On the 7th, the YouTube channel ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’ shared a black box report video from Mr. A, who said that he experienced something absurd on his way to work on a road in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul around 8 a.m. on the 31st of last month.

The video showed an imported car stopping in the middle of the first and second lanes on the road that Mr. A was driving. Mr. A, who was unable to drive the car, honked his horn about three times at 1-2 second intervals, and only then did the driver leisurely walk.

When Mr. A honked his horn and protested at his relaxed안전놀이터 appearance, the driver of the car in front swore and got into the driver’s seat. Mr. A was taken aback and honked his horn again for 8 seconds.

Informant A said, “On my way to work, instead of making a sorry gesture, I was scolded with my finger. I couldn’t control my anger and honked my horn to protest, but I had no idea that it would be retaliatory driving.”

He then requested that the broadcast be put on hold, saying, “The other car owner said he could report retaliatory driving due to the horn complaint, so I ask that you cancel it.”

He said, “Even if the driver who stopped in two lanes indiscriminately had only made a single gesture of apology, he would not have honked his horn in protest. Drivers who are too rude and inconsiderate need to wake up.” “Are you driving?” he asked for advice.

Attorney Han Moon-cheol, who watched the video, said, “Why would honking at this level be a problem? It is not retaliatory driving at all, and making noise without a justifiable reason can be considered reckless driving, but since honking is done for a reason, there is no problem, so why worry? Even after the video, the honking continued. “Did it ring?” he asked.

Mr. A replied, “After that, I went on my way. Now, I shouldn’t toot my horn carelessly.” In response, a lawyer drew the line, saying, “It is not retaliatory driving at all.”

A lawyer said, “(Mr. A) was blocking two lanes, so he honked his horn for a justifiable reason.” He also said, “He honked his horn when he saw a driver walking slowly, and he honked his horn again when he cursed with his finger,” arguing that it does not constitute retaliatory driving. I saw.

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