As soon as I got out of the water, I was like, ‘I’m sobbing!’ Mysterious ‘golden egg’ discovered in the deep sea of ​​Alaska

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) ocean exploration team recently recovered an unidentified object resembling a golden egg from the deep sea of ​​Alaska. NOAA is analyzing DNA to find out the identity of this object .

According to Forbes on the 6th (local time) , a shiny golden sphere-shaped object was captured by NOAA ‘s remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicle ( ROV ) camera at a depth of about 3km in the Gulf of Alaska on the 30th of last month . According to the video taken by the ROV, a golden, shiny round object was firmly attached to the rock, and its edge had a large hole where something appeared to have come in and out .

The expedition team looked at this in more detail at the site. The object was stabbed using the robotic arm mounted on the ROV , but nothing came out. It is said that the surface of the sphere had a soft texture.

The ROV gently sucked the object out of the water안전놀이터 using a suction tube. It was then moved to NOAA ‘s ship laboratory.

However, when the sphere came out of the water, it lost its spherical shape.

The object, which became a palm-sized lump, appeared to be made of multiple layers.

Scientists have suggested several possibilities for its identity, including sponge, coral, and eggshell.

However, NOAA was unable to identify the object and said it would be difficult to obtain more information until the specimen could be returned to a full laboratory environment.

“The deep ocean is really delightfully strange,” said Sam Candio of the Ocean Exploration Team. “We collected these ‘golden spheres’ and put them on the ship, but we still can’t identify them other than that it’s something biological.”

He added: “While this discovery may be somewhat disconcerting, it serves as a reminder of how little we know about our planet and how much we still have to learn and appreciate about our oceans.”

Meanwhile, this undersea exploration is the second part of the ‘Seascape Alaska 5’ expedition that began on the 23rd of last month. During this undersea exploration, which will be broadcast live by NOAA , scientists plan to capture images of areas previously unseen by humans, including some areas as deep as 6 km. This mission ends on the 16th.

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