“Is poverty shameful?”… India demolishes slums with bulldozers ahead of G20

News broke that India, the host country of the G20 summit, had carried out large-scale slum demolition work for ‘city beautification ‘ . According to a CNN

report on the 5th (local time) , slum residents near the Pragathi Maidan exhibition스포츠토토 hall in New Delhi, the capital of India, were robbed of their livelihood overnight. Previously, some residents here filed a lawsuit in the New Delhi High Court to block the government’s forced eviction order. However, the court also ruled that slum housing was illegal and ordered eviction by May 31. City authorities immediately began demolition work using bulldozers. The promise to provide a new home was not kept. About 100,000 residents who could not find a place to live immediately had no choice but to watch in vain as their homes collapsed. “We were so shocked,” Jayanti Devi, one of the residents, told CNN. “They destroyed everything. We had nothing left. ” In response to this, the Indian government’s position is that it only demolished illegal structures and did not carry out beautification work for the G20 summit. But local activists claim it is a ‘beautification project’ aimed at impressing foreign dignitaries by ridding the city of slums.

“The most shocking thing is that India is ashamed of its superficial poverty,” said social activist Harsh Mander. “We don’t want poverty to be visible to people who come here.”

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