A real doll was found in the room of the son who was raised with great care… “Why is this girl so popular, good at studying, and a dutiful person?” 

Parents’ sacrifices may be toxic to their children. The Netflix original ‘Mask Girl’ (2023) is a work that points out this point. Parents who believe they have made sacrifices are likely to assume that their children will make up for it, and such expectations prevent communication between the two. Through the characters Joo Oh-nam (Ahn Jae-hong) and Kim Gyeong-ja (Hye-ran), not the main character Kim Momi (Lee Han-byeol), but the surrounding characters, we examine the process where ‘sacrifice’ becomes an obstacle in the relationship between parents and children.

A man finds out his colleague’s secret and says he will protect her.Let’s take a quick look at the entire content. Momi Kim dreamed of becoming a celebrity since she was young, but she was frustrated with her appearance that did not attract people’s attention. After she became an adult, she became an office worker to make a living, but her desire to be in the spotlight still remained. This is why she became a BJ who communicated with viewers while covering her face with a mask. She works under the name ‘Mask Girl’ and attracts fans with her attractive dance moves, emerging as a star in the Internet broadcasting industry.Joo-nam is Kim Momi’s co-worker and knows that she is the Mask Girl. She is also heartbroken to see Momi in pain after she broke up with her boss. One day, a listener with dark intentions approaches Momi Kim, and he kills the listener. However, in hopes that her mother, who 스포츠토토continues to deviate from her, will understand her true feelings, Onam sexually assaults her mother and is killed on the spot by her mother.

A mother who stubbornly raised her son after being abandoned by her husband.The drama turns the camera to Onam’s mother, Kim Kyeong-ja, after Onam’s death. It is difficult for her to accept that her son is suspected of being the man who murdered Mask Girl’s listener, and that she was murdered by Mask Girl. Her mother tells her acquaintances that Onam, who was ‘studying well enough to go to medical school’, ‘popular with the opposite sex’, and ‘a devoted son’, would never kill anyone or bear a grudge against anyone.In fact, this is all her self-deception. The three characteristics she said of her son are just what she wanted her ideal child to be like. Although Onam was good at studying, he never showed off his outstanding skills to the point where he could have gone to medical school. Therefore, Gyeongja always expressed his regrets to his son, and this acted as a huge burden to his son.The drama traces the story of Gyeongja’s high expectations for her son from her youth. When her husband abandoned her young Onam and herself to start another life, Gyeongja had no choice but to live stubbornly. There is no job she hasn’t tried, including working at a restaurant, cleaning bathrooms, and even bHowever, Onam was not great for filial piety. As soon as he got the job, he declared that he would become independent, which upset him. When he called, he openly showed off his annoyance. Eventually, after moving out to live, her mother refused to even come to her house to give her side dishes. “I’m so embarrassed that I’ll never come home again,” she said to her son around the time before her Onam death. “How did I raise Ni” was the basis of everything she asked for onam. As much as her mother sacrificed, her son must repay her.eing a taxi driver. Determined to raise her son well, she struggled to survive, not caring about the glares from those around her.

A mother who ignored her son’s school violenceHowever, from the perspective of Onam, the mother’s sacrifice is a slightly different story. Her mother, exhausted from her combative life, was unable to meet her Onam emotional needs. When she was at school, Onam’s belongings kept going missing, he would come home with bruises on his arms, and he would come home with gum stuck to his hair. Her mother accepted Onam’s words, ‘I did it while playing’, and scolded her son for his reckless nature.She interpreted the signs that her son was being bullied as evidence that he was careless. There is a possibility that this is Gyeongja’s intentional avoidance. It must have been difficult for her to admit that her beloved son was not loved outside. When she found out about school violence, she may not have known what to do. So, at a point when she should have listened seriously to what was happening, she had her son ordained to pray.After being beaten by her classmates at school and her mother not listening to her at home, Onam gave up on human relationships. He fell in love with a cartoon character whose reaction he expected was unlikely to return, and fell in love with BJ ‘s Internet broadcast, where he returned warm words in return for what he paid for . The real doll that came out of Onam’s room after Onam’s death embarrassed her mother, but Onam felt warmth from the doll, cartoons, and videos rather than from her mother.

The family was not supported only by the mother’s sacrifice.The truth is, relationships are good where someone doesn’t have to sacrifice entirely. Gyeong-ja would have lived a different life if she had been able to take care of her son in a more relaxed situation instead of going through the shocking situation of her husband leaving. Maybe the son didn’t have expectations that would make his mother feel like a burden. Therefore, Gyeong-ja in the drama is a villain who ruins her son and does not even know that she is the cause, but at the same time, she is a pitiful character who arouses sympathy in the audience’s hearts.What would it have been like if Gyeongja could have alleviated the feeling that she sacrificed herself for her son? Couldn’t the tragedy in her life, which was completely ignored by her son, have been prevented? In fact, while Gyeong-ja was suffering because her husband left, her Onam was also suffering. Her son was embarrassed by her mother’s harsh behavior at the market, but he pretended not to notice and did not even tell her about the school violence out of fear that her mother would worry about it. Her mother thought that her family was running through her own sacrifices, but in reality, her son was giving up a lot to build her family together.This seven-part drama shows the difficulties of human relationships. What the various episodes in the drama are saying is not about taking off your mask and being honest with everyone. Everyone wears a mask, big or small, to protect themselves, and it may be an unwise choice to take this off from everyone and reveal their wounds and mistakes. However, the drama carefully asks the question that when you meet someone who can communicate with you as they are even after seeing what’s underneath the mask, isn’t it necessary to be at least as truthful in that relationship?

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