Sentence reduced if agreed upon and not distributed?… Controversy over ‘sexual crime verdict’ continues

It was revealed that Lee Kyun-yong, candidate for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, agreed with the victim in an illegally filmed sex crime case and reduced the sentence on the grounds that the video was not distributed.

It is once again pointed out that there is a lack of gender sensitivity due to the nature of the crime, which causes severe damage just out of fear of distribution.

This is reporter Kim Cheol-hee’s report.

In 2018, Mr. A, who was serving in the military, ended up drinking in a motel room with a woman he met while drinking.

Meanwhile, Mr. A forcibly sexually assaulted the other person without consent and

even filmed the victim’s naked body on a cell phone video.

Mr. A, who was sent to trial, was found guilty of rape and filming using a camera스포츠토토 in the first trial and was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison.

However, the judgment of the appellate court led by Lee Kyun-yong, candidate for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was different.

Mr. A was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison and 2 years probation, significantly lowering the sentence compared to the first trial.

At the time, the court cited the fact that Mr. A, who had reached an agreement with the victim, deleted the illegal footage himself and did not leak it to a third party as a reason for the reduced sentence.

There is another case where the sentence of an illegally filmed sex crime defendant was commuted. An 18-year-old man who lured 11 children through social media and had them take pictures of their bodies 129 times was overturned


sentenced to 4 years in prison.

At that time, when deciding on the sentence, the court noted that ‘there are currently no circumstances showing that child and adolescent pornography was leaked to a third party.’

However, it is pointed out that it is not reasonable to consider the distribution of the video as a factor in reducing the sentence.

We must not overlook the fact that from the moment illegal filming takes place, victims have to live with the anxiety of distribution.

[Choi Ki-sang / National Assembly member of the Democratic Party of Korea: It is highly likely that the victim was afraid that the illegal footage would be distributed, so he was sentenced to a severe sentence in the first trial. However, it may be criticized as being inappropriate to use it as a reason for a reduced sentence in the appeal trial without changing the special circumstances. [It is the same.]

Of the 26 cases of violation of the Juvenile Sexual Protection Act that Candidate Lee handled as a presiding judge dedicated to sexual violence, 13 cases, or half, had their sentences commuted. Attention is focused on what kind of explanation Candidate Lee will provide at the personnel hearing due to the controversy over the subsequent sex crime rulings

. .

This is Kim Cheol-hee of YTN .

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