The national MC left 93.5 billion won in legacy to animal groups… America’s ‘wave of emotion’

It was belatedly revealed that American MC Bob Barker, who passed away at the스포츠토토 age of 99, donated all of his wealth to an animal protection organization.

On the 7th (local time), American media outlets such as Radar Online reported that Bob Barker passed away at the age of 99 on the 26th of last month, saying, “He, who was famous as an animal lover, lost all of his assets before his death, approximately $70 million. It was reported that “93.5 billion won (KRW 93.5 billion) was donated to dog and animal protection organizations.”

According to reports, while he was alive, he devoted himself to animal protection research and donated millions of dollars to Columbia University, University of Virginia, Harvard University, Georgetown University, Duke University, Northwestern University, and Stanford University Law School.

He was the host of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants for 20 years and was such an animal lover that he quit hosting the Miss USA pageant in 1987 in protest of giving the winner a fur coat as a prize.

The cause of his death was known to be Alzheimer’s disease, and he was also said to have suffered from diseases such as high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and hyperlipidemia.

Meanwhile, Bob Barker lost his wife in 1981 and has no children. He starred in the American CBS entertainment program ‘ The Price is Right ‘ for 35 years from 1972.)’ and won the Emmy Award, an award ceremony in the broadcasting field, 19 times.

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