Woman who died in Jeonju villa caught on surveillance network in July as ‘suspicion of crisis’… Couldn’t contact you

A woman in her 40s who died in a villa in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do on the 8th was included in the government’s list of crisis households in July this year, but it was confirmed that she did not receive support because she could not contact social welfare officials.

According to explanations from the police and others on the 11th, Mr. A, who died, was found at 9:55 a.m. on the 8th by police and 119 paramedics who responded to a report from the landlord that 스포츠토토“the tenant was not visible and a dog was barking.” Next to him, his son, estimated to be 3 or 4 years old, was lying unconscious. As a result of the investigation, Mr. A was included in the government’s ‘suspicious household at risk’ list in July of this year. Jeonju City said, “Mr.

‘Happiness Connection’ is a system established by the government to eliminate blind spots in welfare. Individuals or households that are delinquent on gas, water, electricity bills, or health insurance premiums for more than two months are automatically registered in this system and notified to each local government across the country. Mr. A is said to have been delinquent on the villa management fee (6 months) and gas fee (3 months).

After receiving notification from the government, Jeonju City sent a notice to Mr. A by regular mail on July 28th, saying, “You are eligible for support, so please contact us if you have any difficulties.” When there was no contact after that, they tried calling on the 16th of last month, but were unable to contact him. On the 24th of last month, the official in charge visited Mr.

An official from Jeonju City said, “(With this incident as an opportunity), we plan to conduct a full investigation of households suspected of being at risk and unable to be contacted.”

The child found next to Mr. The city explained that the reason the government was unable to find these children in a recent comprehensive survey of 2,000 “unregistered children” whose births had not been registered was because there were no birth records. The child’s age was initially reported to be 4 years old, but this is not accurate. Police plan to conduct genetic testing to identify the person.

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