At least 50 celebrities were victims… US student indicted for producing and distributing thousands of pornographic materials

A man in his 30s who created and distributed thousands of illegal pornography온라인바카라 featuring celebrity faces while studying abroad in the United States has been put on trial.

Recently, the Jeju District Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had arrested and indicted Mr. A, in his 30s, on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Crimes, the Act on Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents, and the Information and Communications Network Act.

Mr. A is accused of producing approximately 2,300 pornographic materials containing the faces of minor idols and other celebrities over a period of approximately four years from August 2019 to June of this year. He distributed approximately 5,800 synthetic pornography he produced or collected through membership-based Telegram chat rooms he established.

However, it was discovered that Mr. A did not sell the videos. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that at least 50 celebrities were victims.

Previously, the police checked the Telegram chat room operated by Mr. A around December of last year and found out that Mr. A was staying in the United States. Accordingly, an arrest warrant was issued for Mr. A, his passport was invalidated, an Interpol red notice was placed on him, and the US investigative authorities were requested to cooperate in the investigation.

U.S. police arrested Mr. A at his residence in the U.S. last June and secured evidence such as Mr. A’s laptop and external hard drive. Mr. A refused to be forcibly repatriated to his home country and applied for bail, but the U.S. court denied bail and decided to deport him. Afterwards, Mr. A was taken away in handcuffs by the police upon entering Incheon International Airport on the 22nd of last month.

During the police investigation, Mr. A reportedly stated, “While I was in Korea, I accidentally came into contact with a false video. Afterwards, I produced and distributed a false video for self-satisfaction.”

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