Choi Yun-jong wrote a memo saying ‘Humans must seize opportunities’… Prosecution: “Elaborately planned crime”

Choi Yun-jong, 30, a suspect in the ‘Sillim-dong hiking trail rape and murder case’, was handed over to trial. It was revealed that Choi Yun-jong had planned the crime in detail, purchasing tools and searching for a location several months before the crime.

The dedicated investigation team of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office announced this today (12th) when it arrested and indicted Choi Yoon-jong for violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Crimes (rape, etc. murder).

Choi Yoon-jong is accused of hitting and strangling a woman in her 30s whom he had never met several times on a hiking trail at a park in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul at 11:32 a.m. on the 17th of last month with스포츠토토 the intention of sexually assaulting her.

The victim, who was found unconscious at the scene, died of ‘hypoxic brain damage caused by cervical compression asphyxiation’ on the 19th of last month, two days after the incident.

Knuckle preparation 4 months in advance… Preliminary visit to the location of the crime
According to the prosecution, Choi Yun-jong purchased iron knuckles to use in the crime at an online shopping mall last April . Afterwards, Choi Yun-jong searched for a crime location without CCTV and selected several places as candidate locations for the crime. Choi Yun-jong planned the crime for a long period of time

, including visiting the hiking trail that included the crime location dozens of times and visiting twice in the six days before the incident .

Planning to commit sexual violence while watching the ‘Busan roundhouse kick incident’
Choi Yun-jong, who was ‘unemployed’, did not have close relationships with others other than writing short posts in the gaming community.

Choi Yun-jong, who lived a life cut off from society, came across articles related to sexual violence on the Internet, and in particular, after seeing reports of the ‘Busan roundhouse kick incident’ that occurred in May of last year , he stated that he planned to commit sexual violence in a place without CCTV after knocking out the victim. .

While looking up the ‘murder’ article, I also found a note saying, “You have to take the opportunity.”
It was confirmed that Choi Yoon-jong used his knuckles to hit the victim’s head several times, and when the victim resisted, he strangled her to death for at least three minutes. The prosecution determined that during this process, Choi Yun-jong had the thought that ‘at least there is nothing we can do if the victim dies.’

Two days before the crime, Choi Yun-jong wrote a memo pledging to commit the crime, saying things like “The brave wins the beauty,” and “People must seize the opportunity,” and read many articles about recent murders.

Prosecutors say, “Shock to everyday life… We will ensure that a heavy sentence is imposed.”
The prosecution secured body cameras at the time of dispatch to the scene and conducted a thorough investigation. In particular, during this process, we confirmed circumstances such as Choi Yun-jong continuing to ask for water to quench his thirst even when the dispatching police officer was performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ) on the victim.

The prosecution said, “This case has caused serious anxiety and shock about the safety of people’s daily lives,” and added, “We will continue to do our best to ensure that a ‘heavy sentence commensurate to the crime’ is sentenced by actively maintaining prosecution in the future.”

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