“Are you a prostitute?”… Mother persistently stalks her daughter even though access is prohibited

A woman in her 50s was sentenced to probation for contacting her biological daughter hundreds of times, including sending her religious links against her will.

She said the woman had a restraining order against her, but she violated it and 스포츠토토continued to visit her daughter.

Daejeon District Court Criminal Division 1 (Presiding Judge Seol Seung-won) announced today (13th) that Mr. A (58), who was handed over to trial on charges of violating the Act on the Punishment of Stalking Crimes, was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 2 years of probation.

In addition, he was ordered to take 40 hours of stalking crime recidivism prevention classes.

At approximately 6:45 a.m. on December 10, 2021, Mr. A sent a text message to his daughter, B (20s), saying, “An acquaintance of mine had uterine cancer and had surgery. Block her.”

And the following year, until May 30th of last year, she was accused of sending text messages 306 times and making 111 phone calls, even though B had expressed her refusal.

Also, during the same period, it was investigated that he went to Ms. B’s house against her will, rang her bell, and knocked on her door without justifiable reason.

As a result of the investigation, Mr. A initially sent a text message to Mr. B with relatively benign content, such as ‘My mom can’t wear clothes because they are too small, so try them on’, ‘Read the Bible’, and ‘Let me go to that house and sleep at night’, but Mr. B responded. When I didn’t do it, it got to the point where I got angry and started swearing, like ‘Are you a prostitute?’, ‘Let’s get plastic surgery,’ ‘Give me what you’ve given me since you were a baby,’ and ‘Open the door right now before I call the police.’

Afterwards, even though Mr. A received a restraining order from the court due to a series of crimes, it was found that he visited his daughter’s house six times from December 26 last year to March 29 this year and caused anxiety and fear by ringing the bell or watching her. .

During the trial, Mr. A claimed that there was no intent to commit a stalking crime, but the court did not accept this.

The court said, “Despite the victim’s refusal, he committed an act of stalking by unilaterally sending repeated messages or visiting the victim,” and “Although the victim appears to have felt considerable mental pain, the defendant only asserted his own position and did not reflect on it.” “There is,” he pointed out.

He then sentenced him to six months in prison and two years of probation, saying, “However, it was not a case of direct threat and we took into account the fact that it was his first offense.”

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