Husband of Daejeon teacher, “My wife asked me how I could report a parent… ”

Mr. A, the husband of a Daejeon elementary school teacher who is known to have made an extreme choice after suffering from malicious complaints, said on the 12th, “My wife has suffered from parents, but as a teacher, I did not think it was right to report them.”

Mr. A revealed this in an interview with Yonhap News that day and expressed카지노사이트 his frustration, saying, “I, too, have been watching this and have only been in pain.” He said, “The children are very anxious. “Because he doesn’t want to go to school yet, we are taking care of him 24 hours a day at home,” he said. “There are many restrictions on his activities.” “I’m trying to stay strong, but it’s very difficult,” he said.

The Daejeon Teachers’ Union announced on the 13th that it plans to meet with the bereaved family of the teacher who died and discuss major issues, including whether to file a police complaint or complaint against the parents of the perpetrator, its position on the parents of the perpetrator, and a request for the teacher to die in the line of duty. A union official said on this day, “Because the bereaved family has not yet recovered from the shock, there has been no immediate position or detailed discussion regarding complaints or accusations.” He added, “We will do our best to help the bereaved family recover.”

Meanwhile, those identified as the parents of the perpetrators are issuing a statement to the effect that they have never filed a malicious complaint. The gym director’s wife, Ms. B, who is known to be one of the parents of the perpetrators, revealed the text message she sent to the deceased teacher through an online community on the afternoon of the 11th.

Mr. B said, “My child is one of the four students who showed problem behavior,” but she said, “At the beginning of the 2019 semester, I had two consultations with the teacher and was recommended psychotherapy, so she continued to work on guidance at home. “She was dissatisfied with the teacher’s guidance and never once filed a complaint for child abuse or filed a complaint with the school,” she claimed.

At the same time, she said, “As a teacher of children, I know the hardships all too well, so I couldn’t even think about treating the teacher carelessly.” She added, “After my child entered second grade, I have never contacted her personally or seen her in person.” “He said. Mr. A said, “I am the teacher’s husband. You are here now. He left a comment saying, “I heard a lot of things.”

On the same day, a statement from Ms. B’s husband, the gym leader, was also posted on the online community. The gym director said, “Her hands were shaking as she read the article and comments and it was so frustrating. “I know she did it with the intention of punishing someone who did something wrong, but we have nothing to do with this incident,” she said. “We really don’t.” “Please, we earnestly ask that there be no victims as a result of the witch hunt,” he appealed. Mr. A left a comment on the post saying, “You can’t cover the sky with your palm.”

On this day, a condolence wreath appeared in front of a beauty salon run by a person who was identified as one of the parents of the perpetrator with the phrase, ‘May all the perpetrators involved be punished from generation to generation.’

The restaurant, which is known to be run by another parent of the perpetrator, eventually closed down on the 9th following the franchise headquarters’ action to suspend operations. The restaurant franchise headquarters announced the termination of the franchise contract on the 11th and said, “Regardless of the facts, the owner of the restaurant voluntarily conveyed to the headquarters his intention to close the business in order to avoid causing damage to the brand and other branches.”

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