A man in his 30s who killed someone with high heels when he refused to have sex was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the second offense 

 On September 13, 2018, the Seoul High Court sentenced a man in his 30s, who was arrested and indicted on charges of rape and murder, to 25 years in prison, the same as the original trial. The man claimed that he was drunk and did not remember whether he tried to rape the victim, but the court did not accept it. It was the day that Mr. Kim, who killed a woman who refused to have sex by hitting her with a high heel, was again sentenced to heavy punishment.

When the victim resisted, he was assaulted… Cardiopulmonary arrest due to rib fracture

The day the incident occurred was February 3, seven months before the appeal decision. On this day, Mr. Kim persistently called out victim A, who was working as a bar employee at an entertainment bar in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi-do. He made Mr. A, who was in another location, come to the bar, drank alcohol at a nearby restaurant, and then went to Mr. A’s house together.

While drinking alcohol at Mr. A’s home in the early morning of the same day, Mr. Kim attempted to have sexual intercourse by force and was rejected. Ms. A resisted with all her might when Mr. Kim knocked her down and attempted to rape her. However, what soon returned was merciless violence.

Mr. Kim took off Mr. A’s high heels and hit him on the head and face dozens of times. He also assaulted Mr. A’s fallen body several times with an aluminum pole from a clothes dryer and stepped on his upper body. As a result of Mr. Kim’s crime, 14 of Mr. A’s ribs were fractured, and the broken bones damaged his organs, causing breathing difficulties. Mr. A’s cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest due to a rib fracture.

Afterwards, Mr. Kim opened his door and looked outside, as if he did온라인바카라 not want his crime to be discovered. He checked the surroundings once at 7:44 a.m. on the same day and stayed at the victim’s house for about an hour before leaving the scene. Mr. A did not receive proper first aid and was only discovered inside the house after Mr. Kim surrendered himself to the police this afternoon. His entire body was covered in blood and he was unconscious.

Law: “A crime against humanity that regards women as sexual tools.”

Mr. Kim admitted to most of the crimes, but claimed that he did not remember whether he had tried to rape Mr. A and that he was mentally and physically weak due to drinking.

The first trial court ruled that rape and murder were recognized, citing the defensive marks created during Mr. Kim’s attempted rape and the fact that the victim’s underwear bottoms were pulled down. Regarding Mr. Kim’s claim that he was mentally and physically weak, he said it was unacceptable considering the fact that he beat the victim and caused her death when she refused to have sex, and the extent of the damage.

He continued, “This incident is a crime against humanity in which a woman was treated as a sexual tool and when things did not go as planned, she died,” adding, “It cannot be tolerated for any reason and the guilt is very serious.”

Afterwards, both Kim’s side and the prosecution appealed, and the second trial sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

The second trial court said, “It appears that the defendant did not kill in a premeditated manner,” but added, “The victim suffered injuries all over her body so horribly that she could not bear to see them, and it is difficult to even imagine how much fear and pain she must have felt. “The bereaved family also suffered wounds that were difficult to heal, but the defendant did not take any action,” the judge ruled.

Mr. Kim appealed in October of the same year, and the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, saying, “There is no reason to say that the original trial was unfair when considering the defendant’s criminal record, motive for the crime, and the circumstances.” Mr. Kim was sentenced to 25 years in prison on this day and is currently serving his sentence in prison.

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