Actor Noh Young-guk dies of heart attack… Sudden sad news while appearing on ‘Hyosim’

Actor Noh Young-guk (74, real name Noh Gil-young) passed away. On the 18th, the KBS

2TV Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Filial Filial Love’, in which Noh Young-guk온라인바카라 was appearing, released an official statement and said, “Noh Young-guk passed away suddenly from a heart attack in the early morning today.” The deceased’s funeral has been prepared at the funeral hall of Hanyang University Hospital, and according to the wishes of his bereaved family, the funeral will be held quietly with his family friends and colleagues seniors and juniors in attendance. Noh Young-guk was appearing in the role of Kang Jin-beom, the husband of Jang Sook-hyang (played by Lee Hwi-hyang) and the chairman of Taesan Group, in ‘Hyosim, Each Life’, which first aired on the 16th. The production team is discussing follow-up responses to the sudden news. Born in 1948, Noh Young-guk made his acting debut in 1974 when he was selected as the 7th MBC open talent contestant. He appeared in various works such as the drama ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’, ‘Eyes of Dawn’, ‘King Sejong’, and the movie ‘Bravo My Life’. In addition, the deceased was also active as a singer in addition to his acting activities due to his extraordinary singing skills. In 2019, he released his single ‘Best Woman’ and met the public on various stages.

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