Reduces the proportion of senior citizens at Hyundai Motor Company’s new electric vehicle plant… 30% of the 2030 generation

Hyundai Motor Company’s labor and management decided to reduce the proportion of seniors in the new electric vehicle factory being built at the Ulsan plant. The 2030 generation constitutes 30% of the total.

According to the automobile industry on the 19th, this content was included스포츠토토 in the ‘separate meeting minutes related to new plant layout transition’ prepared by Hyundai Motor Company’s labor and management when concluding a wage agreement (wage and collective agreement)

The new electric vehicle plant in Ulsan, which will be completed in 2025, is scheduled to have 30% people under the age of 39, 40% people between the ages of 40 and 49, and 30% people over the age of 50. Older employees with less than two years left until retirement age will not be assigned to the new electric vehicle factory. If the existing placement conversion standard is applied, the elderly will be placed in the new factory in order of working years. It is said that this decision was made with the intention of ensuring continuity by allowing young employees to acquire skills at the electric vehicle factory.

As of last year, Hyundai Motor Company’s workforce over the age of 50 totaled 32,101, accounting for 43% of the total (73,431).


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